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Coimbatore Auditions, Day 1, 29th June 2009

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23rd June, 2009 Grand Opening Day 2, Single Video File

Its 50:50

Today in Airtel Singer Junior 2, the grand opening of the show has been with the competition of previous winners/contestants of Super singer 2008 and Junior 1. today I started watching the show lil late and I guess I missed Pop Shalini's entry in the show.. and also the first performance of the day.. So, I started watching only from Vijay Narayan's "newyork nagaram urangum" and it earned him a mp3 player and 10 points for his team. He was followed by the next competition named Melody round.. it had Roshan competing against Nikhil Mathew.. Roshan was the first contestant to perform.. and his "sandana thendralay jennalgal" was awesome..it make Manicka Vinayagam to cry and his words.. "if you have been elder to me, i would not have minded to fall in your feet" touched me. Nikhil Mathew's "vizhi moodi yosithal" was quite okay.. but his final wistle was excellent.. I liked that very much. Judges gave 10 points each for this round and mp3 player to Roshan.. So, it stands at 50 for both the team and tomorrow it would decide who would be the winner..

Grand opening day 2

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 had started this week and this week is termed as "Grand Opening" of the show in Vijay TV.. continuing the competition between the previous Airtel Super Singer and Juniors.. first it was Manicka Vinayagam joining the show as the special guest.. his "koduva meesa aruva paarva" was typically his style ;).. first to compete in the show was Dhanyasri & Ranjani..Dhanyasri's "aasayila pathi naadu" was really better than Ranjani's "kaathadi pola yendi enna" and it got her MP3 player and also 10 points for their team.. Then it was a kind of duet round.. Ravi and Anitha joined to sing "thendral vanthu" which brought tears in special guest Anitha Kupusamy.. and Sai Charan & Madhumitha of junior team were equally good and their "kaatre en vaasal vanthai".. so both the team earned 10 points each and also mp3 player ;).. finally its at 35 to juniors and 30 to seniors.. lets see how it goes today..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grand Opening Day 2, 23/06/2009, June 23rd

Its Sernior Vs Junior

It was competition between the senior and the junior contestants of the last season on the first day of the Super Singer junior 2 show.. the show started with Ajeesh, Ravi, Vijay. Prasanna, Ranjanai, Raghini, Aruna singing "engeyum eppothum" and followed by juniors krishnamoorthy, vignesh, Balasarangal singing "varuthu varuthu vilagu vilagu".. since being the first show Mahathi & Anitha Kupusamy the jduges of the show started with "vakra thunda mahakaya".. then the competition started with Ajeesh and Vignesh.. Ajeesh's "enkitta mothathe" was better than "pothuvaga en manasu thangam"..

Next it was Balasarangan to start with "poomalai vaangi" and Raghini's "marainthirunthu paarkum marmam enna".. it was Balasarangan who had the advantage.. so at the end of the episode it was 15 points each for seniors and the juniors. with Ajeesh and Balasarangan winning mp3 players for themselves..

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22-06-2009, June 22, 2009

whos in Super Singer Junior 2 ??

This week being the first week of the super singer junior 2, the show doesnt really have the auditions or junior 2 contestants.. its been the competition between the super singer 2008 contestants and junior 1 contestants.. Super singer 2008 contestants include Ravi, Ajeesh, Ranjani, Aruna, Prasanna, Raghinishree and Vijay Narayan.. junior include (I dont know everyone's name.. so list will be short for sure) Balasarangan, Vignesh, krishnamoorthy.. Malini & Yugendran anchor the show and sterday it was with judges Mahathi & Anitha Kupusamy.. from the promo it looks like the judges would change every day..

Whats in Super Singer Junior 2 ??

Airtel Super Singer junior 2 had started sterday and the show was funfilled with the super singer 2008 contestants and the super singer junior 1 contestants were sharing the stage.. It all started with the fight like fun filled arguments between both the contestants.. they both formed as a team and each of them will compete against other.. so it would be one super singer 2008 contestant competing against super singer junior 1 contestant. based on the performance points are awarded to the contestant.. winner will get 10 points and other person will get 5 points and also the winner will get an mp3 player.. might be next week they will start with the auditions of the coimbatore event..
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