Friday, September 30, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 30-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Special Moments
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 64, Day 5, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 29-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Special Moments
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 64, Day 4, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 28-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Special Moments
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 64, Day 3, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 27-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Special Moments
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 64, Day 2, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 26-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Special Moments
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 64, Day 1, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its not in the hands of judges..

After all the drama of the Airtel Super Singer 3 and now we all feel that judges have no take on the winners of the show. Last season we thought that it was due to judges that Ajeesh became the winner, if you still think so, please read on.. Singer and judge Srinivas and commented in his facebook page that judges dont have take on choosing the winner since this being a public voting determination. They really dont have a take on who should be or what should be the winning list. Its all based on public votes that chooses the winner and runner ups. Its nice to see Srinivas mentioning that Satya was his preferred candidate to be the winner and in the same time he also mentions Sai Sharan is deserving.

Its sad that music has taken a back seat with santosh getting ahead of Satya but public sentiments and votes is what that chooses the winners. So, guys lets not blame anyone else than ourselves if you are disappointed with the results. All four contestants will have a long way to go in their musical careers.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

2nd place and 2nd runner up ???

I am not sure whether the 2nd runner up and 2nd place mean the same.. just after watching the so called grand finals of the Super Singer 3. I think I was pretty clear on the meaning of those terms until day before yesterday. After the winner of the super singer was announced to Sai Sharan, after a while amidst lot of drama, show hosts Sivakarthikeyan and Divya got back in action to announce the next position. First it was Divya to announce that the 2nd place goes to and she invited Tata motors regional manager Mr. Shanmugasundaram to give away the prize to Satya. Later it was told by Siva that as G.V. Prakash said 2nd runner up is Satya and he will get Vijay TV sponsored prize money of 3 lacs from Vijay TV Shriram.

The doubt I have is who did the mistake or change here.. was it mis-announced by Divya at first place as 2nd place instead of 2nd runner up ?? and more even she called upon Tata motors regional manger for it. Then Siva updates us differently, this is not a nice way to announce the winners of the competition which goes for more than a year. Also, if you listen carefully Divya's announcement also has lot of pause but she is not focussed by camera.. so not sure what happened there exactly. But, the pause and the changes looks to be a change from Vijay TV themselves ? It was an emotional moment for Satya's father and for Satya himself who looked very disappointed. It will be good if Vijay TV tells us what happened so that they get back the public backing for them.

Dhanush, G.V. Prakash impressed with Satyaprakash

Satyaprakash did not win the Airtel Super Singer title in the grand final yesterday but he has won a lot of hearts. Yesterday when G.V. Prakash announced the 2nd runner up as Satyaprakash he mentioned that Satyaprakash is his personal favourite. It was understood that he wished Satya to win the title. Dhanush did not express it in the stage much yesterday but soon he expressed it in twitter. One of Satyaprakash's performance in the finals had a standing ovation from the audience including the judges, musicians and

Danush had tweeted that
"was very impressed by Satyaprakash. Gonna make him sing in my film 3. all the great singers there gave him a standing ovation. Thats bigger than any title. And he totally deserved it. God bless."

Popular Singer and Judges' Singer

There are both - lot of happiness and equally lots of disappointment with the way the Airtel  Super singer 3 got over in the grand finals. I would say it was not really so grand at all given the results which had brought lot of criticism from the public. So, when we say its a super singer title and what is it really based on ?? Whether its the popular singer or singer chosen by judges. I really dont know how it works and what I remember from last season was its based on the Vijay TV program managers - being told by some of the last season contestants in the forums. Super Singer program managers knew it very well that they cant make all viewers happy and always make some contraversial decision while choosing the winner or prize for them. It ends up we the public speak about it for a while until the next season starts. This has become like a Indian cricket team where Indian team had lost in England badly and we have forgotten about it and started watching the champions league.

So how are they choosing the winner of the show ? Is it just by the number of public votes or their performances through out the show has been considered by the judges for the winner or is it combination of both of those to determine it. I dont have any idea of what they do just after seeing the reactions of the judges in the stage after announcing the winners and prizes. Sujatha, Srinivas and Unnikrishnan themselves were confused on stage and was not really knowing whats gonna happen. Last season they had similar issues too.. This year it was between Sai Sharan and Sathyaprakash compared to last season Ravi and Ajeesh. When Ajeesh was announced as winner, we all starting cribbing that Ravi is deserved to be the winner and they are not considering the public votes. We were blaming the judges for their decision to have Ajeesh as the winner of the show and it was termed to be biased. This season its the otherway round that we are able to accept the fact that Sai Sharan would have got more votes from public - terming that he made politics or sentiments. But we could agree that he might have got more public votes than other contestants so why not call this as popular singer and not super singer. There are also several questions why judges are not involved in choosing the winner.

I dont want to get into the topic of who deserves the title - either Sai Sharan or Sathya.. which I have kept for another post.. but wwhat I could see is that last season we termed biased and regional for having Ajeesh winning. This season we call it political, popular and sentimental. I see that these criticism and discussions will be going on and on which we will forget when the next season starts. What I could see here is that Vijay TV had tried to make up for the last season in this season but that even did not work our well for them. Lets see what they do in the future seasons. I

Grand Finals Snaps

Airtel Super Singer Grand finals snaps

Confusion or Unorganized ?

Although Vijay TV will be relaxed after completing the Super Singer 3 grand finals, there were several confusions in the show. It was disappointing to see Vijay TV getting not so organized in the show and the hosts themselves were confused in the show. Since this being the live show it was obvious to us that they were driven by instructions from the program managers and their plan was changing during the course of grand final. It was too much of content that they were not able to show everything in TV in the midst of advertisers and sponsorers. Finally after calling Danush and G.V. Prakash in the stage I really dont know why actor Jai was not called until two spots were announced. Did they forget to call him on stage in the first place ? Also, they did not call upon Selvaraghavan to the stage. I thought that there were 4 actors/directors who will give prizes for the four contestants. But that did not happen and they ended up announcing the winners/spots from the host Sivakarthikeyan.

Then with the announcement of the prize for Sathyaprakash, Divya said its for 2nd place and called upon Tata motors guest to give the prize and then Sivakarthikeyan said its for 2nd runner up with Vijay TV's 3 lakh prize. After this drama, finally Santhosh was given a so called fantastic special prize of car and none of them said its for 2nd place except for Santosh himself. Then Divya announced the winners in the order of their spots. We have not seen this kind of unorganized annoucements by Vijay TV in any of their shows. Infact they were given opportunity to host non-Vijay TV programs for their creativity, innovation and organized way to delivering stuffs to people. Their cameraman went on to capture the moments when people were busy during the performance which is not so great. When Santosh was announced as winner of car, Sujatha was focussed on stage and it was clear she was asking Unnikrishnan or Srinivas "what is this" which brings out that they were not aware or it is not as per the plan.

Super singer program managers had brought a very good orchestra where they could have been very good in playing those instruments. But, I felt that orchestra should complement the contestant singing and it went on as showcasing their talent and the instrument's capability. The music did not really suit the contestant's songs and many times it looked like a remix song. There were several instances when orchestra's music was very different from the original. Although they had good musicians the regular orchestra in the sets were better to listen in Super Singer.

Finally the show telecast in TV was going on after the winner announcements even. Nithyashree Mahadevan was singing mentioning as LIVE after the winner announcement and prize distribution. I understand that they had to have the sponsorers and advertisers time in the middle of show but that could have been while an average performance was going on the stage and not while Nithyashree singing. There are several more small confusion which we can ignore for given the fact its a live show but I will post if I remind of a bigger blunder.

Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finals - Review, Part 2

The next performance from the contestants started then with Sathya singing "omana penne" from VTV was a super duper performance from him. Public responded to him very well with their claps and support. The rap portion of the song was modified for super singer :).Sathya's parents said that they are proud and happy for Sathya performing here in the stage. Sai Sharan followed Sathyaprakash with his "mazhai thuli mazhai thuli" from Sangamam which could get the best out of him. He did so, got standing ovation from audience. Sai's mom said that she is so happy similar to expecting parents and happy with encouragement from the public.

Pooja's "gala galavena pozhiyum" from Rythm which was a good performance. For a moment I thought she could have chosen a slower song in whish she is a master. Santhosh sang "theeyil vizhuntha thena" which made some of them emotional and his mother said that she is very happy to see Santosh in finals and thanked judges and Ananth sir. Then there was a not-so interesting competition between the playbacksingers on which songs are best ? whether black and white or 80s' songs. Black & White support team was Suchitra and Swetha Mohan and they sang "chittu kuruvi" followed with "malarendra mugam ondru" and finally with "thulluvatho ilamai". Ranjith and Rahul Nambiyar were supporting the 1980s songs and they performaned with "poomalai oru pavai" followed with "ilamai itho itho" and finally with "sorgam madhuvile". All of them together started with "atho antha paravai pola" and finished their performances.

Then all the finds of Vijay TV appeared on stage with their performances. Parvathy and Alka were the first pair and they were singing fusion ?? or medley ??? Although it was mentioned as medley, it looked like fusion but their performance was pretty neat. They sang "oru deivam thantha poove", "kalvare kalvare", "chiragin vana", mannipaya", "Paruvame pudhiya padal paadu" and "kala kalamaga kaadhaluku". Their performance was neat and Dhanush had "hats off" comments to them. Super Singer Junior 2 finalist Srikanth gave a rocking performance with his "puli vurumuthu". Nithyashree and Soundarya gave a good performance with "paravaigal seyyuthe". Then it was followed by Kaushik and Shreenisha "kaathadi pola yendi". Praveen came with another contestant (I am not sure about her name) to sing "kannum kannum nokia". Finally it was Prasanna and Raghini Shree with "kilimanjaro" where their dance was more than singing..

Then the prizes were distributed. First it was to give away some special awards and prizes. Praveen had got the best overseas contestant and got Passion Pro bike.     Then Srinivas was given Vijay TV sponsored 1 lakh prize money for giving tough competition in wild card round.
Then they choose the 3rd runner up and it was announced as Pooja with giving 1 lakh prize money. Followed by winner announcement with Sai Sharan getting the key for his new apartment. Then the prize money of 3 lakhs was given to Sathyaprakash for 2nd runner up or 2nd place ??. Finally Santosh got the 2nd place prize of Car. I will write separately on the prize and announcements and post it later. Then after this Nithyashree Mahadevan performance was telecasted as half of the song as live ;). This brought an end to super singer 3 finals. I am not sure if we are going to have the celebration rounds next week or its the end of the season.

Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finals - Review, Part 1

Vijay TV is at the best when it comes to relaying the LIVE stage shows and they have been doing that for a while now and I expect them to do that frequently. This time with the Airtel Super Singer 3 grand finals was the LIVE show in the channel from Chennai Trade Centre. Contestants Sathyaprakash, Pooja, Sai Sharan and Santosh were ready for their rocking performances in front of huge public and millions of viewers watching the show live in TV. Show was hosted by Sivakarthikeyan and Divya and I really thing they should have been with Gopinath or someone else. I will have a separate post on the way program was hosted and review about it later today.. Long story short.. Sai Sharan won the Airtel Super Singer title and 40 lakhs worth apartment from Temple Green properties in Oragadam. Second place went to Santosh, followed by Sathyaprakash at 3rd and Pooja at 4th. Yeah, what you are reading is the announcement of winners based on the public voting.

Sivakarthikeyan had the initial compering with speaking with contestants who were presumably showing that they are busy in make up. Later Divya joined him to host the show and the stage was similar to Airtel Super singer 3 sets itself. First it was the last season winners to perform on stage with Nikhil Mathew starting to sing followed by Krishnamoorthy, the winner of first season of junior super singer. Then it was Ajeesh and followed him by Alka. Siva and Divya had some questions to these 4 winners about their life after winning the Airtel Super Singer title. This was followed by a pleasant Accubla act ??, that means singing without any instrument and music is produced by humming and chorus singing. This was joined by lot of super singer contestants of this year and yesteryears. Srinivas, Shakthi, Madhumitha R, Malavika, Krishna, Shravan, Dhanyashree, Madhumitha S, Mathangi, Balasarangan, Vishnu, Roshan sang the super singer theme music song.

Next was the judges family performane where Swetha Mohan (Sujatha's daughter), Sharanya Srinivas (Srinivas daughter) and Uthra Unnikrishnan (Unnikrishnan's daughter) were on stage.This is the first time we are seeing Sharanya and Uthra onscreen and Uthra, Unnikrishnan's daughter was like 4 years old ? They gave a good performance which was joined by the judges themselves.

The show had lot of musicians and celebrities joining the grand finale. The list include chief guests Dhanush, G.V. Prakash, Selvaraghavan appearing for promoting the Mayakkam enna film. Alongside we had Mano, T.L. Maharajan, MSV Sir, SP Shailaja, Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy, Anitha Kuppuswamy, Nithyashree Mahadevan, Malgudi Subha, Mahathi, Chinnaponnu, Manikka Vinayagam, Unnimenon, Selva Ganesh, actor Jai, Chinni Jeyanth. We also had the Vijay TV celebrities even with Gopinath with his wife, Ajeesh, Anitha, Nikhil Mathew, K5 team of Haripriya, Appu, Saipromodita, Kathadi and also Jodi Season 5 contestants.

First round of the grand final was Competitive songs round which had Santosh singing "Aramale" from VTV which was a decent performance. Since this was sung very well by Srinivas in the wild card round we tend to compare against that performance. I would say it was less par than Srinivas' performance. Pooja sang "Mannavan Vanthaanadi" which is a challenging genre for Pooja and it was a good performance from her. Sai Sharan's "Paatum Naane Bhaavam" had lot of response from audience and neat singing from him. Sathyaprakash came with a bang and rocking performance with "oru naal pothuma". Being a classically trained singer he was very very neat on the notes. Soon after this performance Dhanush and G.V. Prakash were performing one of their song from Mayakkam enna movie and the actual song itself is sung by themselves.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Airtel Super singer Winners list

There were several prizes given to the Super singer 3 contestants during the grand final of the event. Dhanush and G.V.Prakash were the chief guest kind of celebrities in this edition of the show. I will just pile up the prizes and winners.. wait upon for my review on the songs, performances, show round up later today..

Winner of the Airtel Super Singer and 40 Lakhs worth Apartment. Also, playback singing opportunity with A.R. Murugadoss' next production - Sai Sharan

1st runner up of Airtel Super Singer and winner of Car - Santosh

2nd runner up with 3 Lakhs cash prize - Satyaprakash

3rd runner up with 1 Lakh Cash Prize - Pooja

Best International Contestant and Bike - Praveen

Special prize for tough competition in Wildcard round and 1 Lakh cash prize - Srinivas

Sai Sharan - Winner of Airtel Super Singer 3

Sai Sharan has been announced as the winner of Airtel Super Singer 3 after the grand grand finals on 23rd September 2011. It was a very tough competition between the contestants Satyaprakash, Sai Sharan, Santhosh and Pooja.. Sai Sharan came onto the finals after the wild card entry from the public voting. This result of the winner is also based on public voting in internet, sms and phone. This result might be delightful for some viewers and shocking for some of them where they expected other contestants will bag the title. Sai Sharan will be getting the 40 lakhs apartment from Temple Green properties in Oragadam and also the surprise that came out today that the winner will also get a chance to become a playback singer with A.R. Murugadoss' next production movie. This news was one of the surprise element in the show and this will be a dream come true for Sai Sharan. There were several other prizes announced for many other contestants and I will soon post them with my review of the day.

Live Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finale, Part 5

Airtel Super Singer 3, Grand finale LIVE Part 5
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 5, September 23, 2011

Live Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finale, Part 4

Airtel Super Singer 3, Grand finale LIVE Part 4
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 5, September 23, 2011

Live Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finale, Part 3

Airtel Super Singer 3, Grand finale LIVE Part 3
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 5, September 23, 2011

Live Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finale, Part 2

Airtel Super Singer 3, Grand finale LIVE Part 2
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 5, September 23, 2011

Live Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finale, Part 1

Airtel Super Singer 3, Grand finale LIVE Part 1
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 5, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finalists Review - Santosh

Santhosh Hariharan, the second wild card winner of the Super Singer and the last contestant to get selected to the finals of the Airtel Super Singer. I would say his inclusion in the finals was little surprise given that Kaushik and Srinivas had good fan following. Santosh had always been the dark horse in the competition and his passion to music had brought him to this level. Santhosh became familiar to the judges and to viewers in the last edition of the Super Singer itself while he came in till to the top 10 of the competition. It is also a known fact that he along with his friends carry a music troop. His behavioural aspect in the sets has been tremendous which got him the Congenial contestant award.

Santosh has been pretty good in singing melody and folk songs. He has proved that in many instances and his super singer journey till top 4 has been good. But his lack of self confidence in the last 4 round brought disappointment to judges on him. Vijay TV brought him a surprise while bringing his mom to the show which didnt happen until now and that was a very touching incident. After the end of this season of super singer Santosh will obviously become a playback singer and we will start listening to his songs soon. Although Santosh has been in the finals of the super singer I am not sure how much support he would get in compared to other finalists to win the title. I will not be surprised to see him bagging the title or becoming the runner up.

Airtel Super Singer 3, 22-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3,
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 4, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

City Center Performance

City Center Performance, September 21st 2011

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog that the grand finals environment is back in Super singer and having said that, we had our finalists perform live on September 15th 2011 at City Center mall. This performance at the City Center was telecasted today in the Vijay TV. Sivakarthikeyan and Divya were hosting the show and it was good to see Shivakarthikeyan back in Super singer.

Pooja started the performance at City Center with her "whoz the hero" from Manmadhan ambu. There was good acknowledgement from the crowd for Pooja and Shiva said that "girl enter aana odane sound jaasthiya iruku" and Pooja replied back asking "poramaya iruka ?".

Sathyaprakash came into the stage and said that we came here to entertain you and hope you guys enjoy well to the public in the mall. His "Sa re ga me" form Boys was with super claps from audience. Divya said "awesommu" ;). Sai followed him and thanked public to choose him for the finals.. "inga banner vekka neenga thaan karanam, thanks to all" He sang "Taxi Taxi" song from Sakkarakatti and people started dancing for his performance.

Santhosh also thanked everyone for selecting him in the wild card and is also expecting the same from them for the finals. Shivakarthikeyan said that Santosh will sing super star Rajnikanth.... avar pattu illa, avaroda marumagan pattu.. His "otha sollala" from Aadukalam got super duper response from people around there. Finally the team thanked City Center MD and public for having them and us entertained during this time. With only 1 day left for the grand finals, the show is all set for the grand evening. Vijay TV is telecasting this show live to viewers in India and also outside India. All of us eagerly waiting to watch it..

Finalists Review - Sai Sharan

Sai Sharan was the first contestant from the wild card round to be selected for the grand finals of the Airtel Super singer. He has been unlucky for not being selected for the grand finals from the semi finals where he missed it by 0.5 marks to Sathyaprakash. Sai Sharan has been giving a great competition for the Pooja and Sathyaprakash lately in the show and he was well expected to be in finals but somehow he missed. It was surprising for me to see his elimination from semifinals inspite of him getting the best performer in 2 genres out of 4. But, eventually after giving quite good performances he was almost certain to be selected from the wild card round. He also has good fan following and backing from the public.

Sai Sharan has been in Vijay TV itself for a while now where he was runner up in the first season of Airtel Super singer junior show. Then we have seen him in some of the stage shows of Vijay TV and some special performances in other shows in Vijay TV. He also appeared in Sun TV's Sangeetha Maha Yuddham and back to Vijay TV for the current Super Singer season. I guess we didnt see Sai Sharan in the preliminary audition given that he has got enought talent, Vijay TV made him to appear little later in the show. It happened to last season in Juniors with Balasarangan and Roshan.

Although he had a few ordinary performances in the wild card round his previous performances were still in mind of the viewers which brought him to the grand finals. After the top 20 levels Sai Sharan was surging to finals and all other contestants had difficult time in competing with him. Even after his super performances we still remember the incidient that happened with him when judge playback singer Soumya wanted him to change his attitude. The very good thing about Sai Sharan is that he always wanted to win the title and he has had that in mind from the first round which he has told in public. With very good public backing and fan following Sai Sharan will have a bash at the finals where he could win or be the first runner up. What say guys ?

Airtel Super Singer 3, 21-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3,
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 3, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 20-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Pre Finals Round
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 2, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Finalists Review - Pooja

Pooja, the only female contestant in the grand final of the Airtel Super singer has been quite consistant in her performances in the show. There was a small patch where she was not at her best and found herself in danger zone few times after reaching the top levels. But, that small patch didnt last long and she was back with bang to reach the finals at ease. I remember pretty well that during the mid stages of the competition Pooja used to win all prizes in the show. There was series of 50k and 1lac prize money given to that week's winner and she was bagging that few weeks continuously. I guess she was given an option to choose between entry to next round or 50k prize money once and she took the first option.

Pooja has been Sujatha's favourite in the show and Sujatha had deliberately told in the show that she is biased towards Pooja's performance. Its good gesture from Sujatha to explicitly convey that to public but I am sure there are many people who are disappointed with that reason being Pooja into finals. Given the fact that she has been consistant in most of the rounds, Pooja deserves to be in the finals. She lives in Hyderabad and travels for the show to Chennai everytime. She looks well matured and stage/competition will not be a bigger challenge for her since she has already done that in Zee Telugu ?, I dont remember that Telugu channel where she bagged the award.

Pooja's performance in the semi finals was incredible according to judges that she became the first finalist in the show leaving a tight competition between Sathyaprakash and Sai Sharan. I believe that her melody songs has been her biggest strength which makes her to stride ahead of others. She would have the big challenge in the finals with Sathyaprakash, Sai Sharan & Santosh. she has good backing from the public but I am not sure if its in the level of other contestants but I am sure that she has a good support from the judges that might make her the Super Singer. Can Pooja become the first female Super Singer senior ? Lets wait and watch for her performance and results soon.

Grand Finals environment is back..

I had posted few days back that there are few surprises in this season of the Airtel Super singer 3 and some of them include the grand finals environment with the contestants. I learnt that some of those events have happened and we will see it soon this week in the show..I think the show is now really getting ready for the grand finals and stage is all set for the contestants to perform.

On 15th September 2011, the finalists of the Airtel Super singer contestants Pooja, Sathyaprakash, Sai Sharan and Santosh performed live in Chennai City Centre at 6 PM. I hope some of you guys would have had a chance to watch them there live. It would have been a nice experience for the contestants to sing in front of public in a lively stage.

Also the guys are going to speak in Radio Mirchi LIVe.. This might be the first time for them to be on a radio show and its going to be fun for the listeners. I remember all of these had happened in the last season along with a photo shoot session for the finalists which even might come up this week.. I am not sure about it.. but given the live performance in city centre and radio will be nice to see before the finals.

Airtel Super singer, September 19th - Review

Prefinals round is continued today in Airtel Super singer 3 which awaits for the grand grand finals this friday. All 4 contestants are ready to give power packed performances to confuse the viewers to choose the right title winner of the show. Unnikrishnan was not found in today's show for judging the performance and we had S.P. Shailaja replacing him in this prefinals round. The special of today was Ajeesh and Alka Ajith were in the show performing with the contestants . Ajeesh and Alka Ajith being the winners of the last season of Airtel Super Singer and Airtel Super Singer Junior titles were giving a good time singing with the contestants.

First it was Alka Ajith and Santosh to perform "Merke merke merke than" and Srinivas said that they did justice to the song. Santhosh felt like singing with a professional when with Alka Ajith which he mentioned after his performance. It was pretty neat performance from them. Srinivas asked Alka whether she sang any more song in movies and to my surprise she Yes, and thats been with James Vasanthan's music. Shailaja mentioned about Alka's final performance of "singara velane" and looks like she wanted to see Alka Ajith some day and today it happend. Shailaja also advised Santosh to sing better than this performance.

Alka and Sai Sharan's "kanja neram" was very good. Sujatha commented that both were super and treat to listen. Shailaja said that "Sai, romba controlleda padi irukeenga, its very nice". Ajeesh & Pooja was the next to perform. They sang "puthu vellai mazhai" and it was pleasant to listen. Sujatha asked Ajeesh to sing "nadhiye neethana" line again and said that she is going to sing like that from her next show. Srinivas said "when you sang that line, it was nice, super singerna summava". Today's final performance was from Alka and Sathyaprakash. Their "Udaya udaya" was super duper. Srinivas commented that it was a sure magic, delight to listen to Alka.

Overall it was nice performance from all of the contestants and they are getting ready for the big stage. Keep voting for the super singer winner and also in my blog, only few days left for both ;) I will keep updating the video and performances everyday with the review of the day.

Airtel Super Singer 3, 19-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Pre Finals Round
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 63, Day 1, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finalists Review - Sathyaprakash

Sathyaprakash is one of the contestant who has been consistant from initial stages of the Super Singer 3. We have seen quite many varities of his performances and in all terms I think he deserves to be at the top of the list and selected to the grand finals. I remember that Sathyaprakash and Kaushik were selected to top 20 in initial stages itself because of their incredible performances early in the show. Sathya has been steadily performing and improvising his singing over the time. While he was selected as the finalist there were no surprises and no disappointment for the viewers even.

Some of the performances of Sathyaprakash are still in the mind. Over his singing talent he had those extra talents like imitating others where he imitated like judges and Divya in one of the episode. He also sang carnatic song in western genre which was really funny. He has been performing these kinds in few episodes which has been enjoyed by all of us.

Sathyaprakash's singing has been pleasant to hear always and his strong classical base learning is his biggest strength. It is also said that he wanted to compete in first 2 seasons of the super singer but his music guru wanted him to learn carnatic music well before attempting for this competition. Sathyaprakash is the lead runner for the super singer title and there are good chances he might bag the title. He has good fan following and he would get more votes for sure.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have you voted ?

Did you guys cast your vote for your favourite contestant ?? The voting lines are open till the grand finals day and the I have already posted the mechanism for voting. If you try to vote online, you will have this view after you login and please make sure you vote 3 times. With one userid you can vote thrice and if you want to support your favourite super singer keep creating more user accounts and keep voting.

Keep voting and Keep on voting till 23rd september.

Surprising Season

This season of the Airtel Super Singer has had quite a few surprises for us and which has been the way its been in the previous seasons. We dont really realise that there has been surprises given the duration of the season and its already over 60+ weeks which means almost 1 and a quarter year. I would prefer the show to run for a year but this season has been going really lengthy. First big surprise has been that the show did not had a recall round at all.. Last season they had few recall rounds which brought top 20 contestants to get a chance to get into the competition again. I was expecting a recall round after the show had top 5 contestants but the show went on till wild card.

Top 2, after the semifinals was really surprising where usually Vijay TV will have top 3 and wild card winner will join the show for the grand finals. This time Sai Sharan was eliminated to have Pooja and Sathyaprakash for the finals. Next surprise was there were no celebration round till now and they might have it after the finals. But, with the super singer junior next season registration has already started, it might be a big pressure for the show directors to finish the season soon.

Last season there was photo session with the finalists and also the final contestants performed live at city center in front of public to have a good experience of singing in public. They went onto temple before the finals in the last season. I am not sure if these would be featuring in the next week's show but lets wait and see. Are these surprises since the show is already delayed and the season has been for more than a year ?? or is it next season of the super singer junior has got wonderful/unexpected response from public for the registration that the current season should get over soon ? or Contracts of the judges and hosts are over and got to finish it soon. What ever be the reason, its good it gets over now and junior season starts soon.

Divya or Gopinath for finals ?

There is a big question on who would become the airtel super singer 3 and the next big question with the show is who will be compering/hosting the show for the grand finals. I could see many people supporting for Gopinath to be on the show to host it. Ofcourse few of them want Divya to compere for the grand finals. Last season I remember it was DD, Sivakarthikeyan hosted for a while with Hemamalini/Yugendran?? Gopinath definitely has more advantages then Divya in hosting the show. If we go back few months Gopinath and Sivakarthikeyan hosted the Vijay TV awards and they were awesome doing it and it was a big change in television where hosts were usually a male and a female or atleast one female. Gopi/Siva combination proved to be worth hosting the show and made it very interesting even.

I think Vijay TV would be thinking in same lines of having Sivakarthikeyan and gopinath hosting the grand finals of the super singer show even. But, given the fact that Divya had been the main host/comperer of the show for more than a year and she deserves to be part of the biggest event of the season. But to what extent is the question and viewers will be watching the show LIVE. You could see Sivakarthikeyan and Gopinath are leading the votes in my other blog of Vijay TV, best tamil channel where viewers like them hosting the shows.  We should also remember that Gopinath and Divya together hosted the Music awards ceremony few months back and that might even happen for the Vijay TV super singer grand final.

Having these all said, I think Vijay TV will have Gopinath, Sivakarthikeyan and Divya together host the show and we might even see Divyadarshini aka DD coming into the stage at times. They would also follow giving away on the spot photo frames as a gift of remembrance of Super Singer 3 finals. I would want to write more about compering of each of these hosts and their pros/cons in details.. wait for that soon..

Super Singer LIVE for international viewers

YES, international viewers will have the Super Singer 3 grand finals LIVE by Vijay TV. In the latest update from Vijay TV where the shows are usually delayed by a week and the wild card results are not yet out in the channel will still telecast the grand grand finals of the show live. This will satisfy the expectations of lakhs of people who are eagerly waiting for it and watch it in internet usually. This is a very good move by Vijay TV to increase the TRP internationally and will set as a trendsetter for other shows and channels.

This will be the time in which the super singer will be aired for international viewers -

23rd September 2001

US - Eastern Time - 11 AM
US - Pacific Time - 8 AM
Dubai - 7 PM
Singapore/Malaysia - 11 PM

Please check you timezones and make sure you watch the show on time.

The grand finals in India is scheduled at 6.30 PM but the timings internationally is 2 hours delayed and what I am suspecting is that the live show might have only the super singers performances and winner announcement but not have the initial performances by other celebrities/contestants.

Why only 3 votes online ?

There are several questions on Airtel Super Singer show voting for the wild card and grand finals. The main question from the viewers is why only 3 votes are allowed from the internet but with mobile phones you can vote unlimited. Why is there a limiation for internet alone.. Good question but lets see what happens with both kinds of voting mechanism.

Internet based voting
With the internet based voting, we can logon to vijay.indya website and case our votes and we are allowed to vote 3 times. To vote more than thrice, create a new username with the website and agian vote for 3 more times. You can do this unlimited time, creating a new user id and vote from it. It will take few more minutes to vote then for more number of times. There are no charges for this except for the internet connection cost ;)

Mobile based voting
We can send unlimited votes from our mobile phones and each SMS/call are charged at a premium price between 4-6 Rs with different service providers. So, Vijay TV earns money from the service provider and service provider also gets a good share of income is what I guess.

If the internet voting is kept unlimited then there would be many more issues in the voting. The results can be speculated easily and with the automation scripts the voting can be automated to vote for any particular contestants every second even. So, having unlimited voting in internet will not really yield geniune result. But dont ask me if otherwise the results are genuine, I cannot answer that. Since the voting from mobile is expensive not many people would vote many number of times and that vote also brings some income for the channel. We can be angry why we are not able to vote it could be of 3 reasons - Super Singer team doesnt want to speculate the votes by doing that or Super Singer team wants to earn money from voting or finally the last option being Super Singer team already decided the winner and this voting is just a formality.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 16th September, Review

Prefinals of the Airtel Super Singer continued today with the contestants singing the melody genre songs. With the grand finals happening next week, its a tensed performance by the contestants at this moment in the show. But I am not sure if these perofrmances at this stage will really matter a lot to the viewers since they ahve already voted or decided whom to vote. Having said that lets review today's performances,

Santhosh started the melody round with "Thendrale thandrale" beautifully and it was bang on target. He changed his voice pretty well and Unnikrishnan commented that the feel was good and Srinivas said its beautiful and sincere rendition.

Pooja's has been exceptional in melody songs and her "kalvare kalvare" was really nice. Srinivas commented that it had amazing feel and melody is your strongest area" and Sujatha commented that it was very good.

Sathyaprakash's "aaruyire" song with Stephen's touch was really good. Srinivas praised Stephen on his capability that he could become maestro and waiting to listen his concert. Sathyaprakash enjoyed his singing and it was soulful.

Finally Sai Sharan sang "kanna varuvaya" and it was again bang on target. Unnikrishnan said its sincere and 100% involvement by Sai. Sujatha's comments were that it was a nice choice of song and they have more expectations than his parents.

Performances by the contestants are good and are almost there for the title.. Lets see how things go till next week in the contest, meanwhile you guys keep voting for your favourite contestant.

Airtel Super Singer 3, 16-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Pre Finals Round
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 62, Day 5, September 16, 2011

Unsung heroes of Super Singer 3

We are all ready for the great grand finals of the Airtel Super Singer 3 which attracted contestants from worldwide but I felt there were few unsung heroes who were eliminanted after reaching the top levels and further made the best use of the wild card round which did not help them at all. I felt that Srinivas and Kaushik made the best use of the wild card round with their super duper performances which should have earned them a place in the grand finals but ended up disappointed. I thought for a while that the wild card round has made lot of surprises to the viewers and there will lot of voting done for many of the wild card contestants in Super Singer.

Srinivas and Kaushik's performance in the wild card round gave them quite a few standing ovations from the judges given the fact that the judges for that round were new to the show. Some of the songs sung by them have been incredible and can be compared with the original song itself. Still we saw Kaushik in the bottom 4 of the table which was a big shock for me. Although I am not a big fan of Kaushik, his performances in the wild card round was not bad for him to be in the bottom of the list. I started this poll for the Super Singer around 100 days back and from earlier days itself Kaushik has been leading the votes and now the vote count reaching 25,000. I dont think he deserves to be in the bottom of the list and I dont really think public votes would be that low for him to be in that spot. Next was Srinivas, as expected Vijay TV had taken 2 contestants for the finals and I was expecting Srinivas to get a spot for his stupendous performance. But, atleast he was in the top 4.

Even Dhanyashree was in the bottom 4 which was again a shock for me. I agree that Vijay TV and Super Singer team has to select them based on the total votes but it would have been good if they had disclosed the number of votes for each contestants. This really hurts quite many people and they end up losing the fan following.

I dont have any regrets in choosing Sai Sharan and Santosh but I feel that the top 4 and bottom 4 announced by Vijay TV did not really worked out well with me and I guess you will agree with me too. It would have been better if they had just announced the winners of the wild card round alone. After all of these I think Srinivas, Dhanyashree and Kaushik are deserved to be playback singers and I hope they achieve that sooon. They will always be in our heart and will get our support in future being the unsung heroes of Super Singer 3.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

LIVE Grand Finals on 23 September, 2011

The grand finals of the Airtel Super singer will be on 23rd September, 2011 and will be a LIVE performances by the contestants in Vijay TV. The show is all set to be the biggest thing in the Super singer show with the top 4 contestants Sathyaprakash, Pooja, Santhosh and Sai Sharan will be fighting to get the Airtel Super singer title.

The LIVE performance will take place in Chennai Trade Center, Nungambakkam at 6.30 PM on September 23rd, 2001. It is expected to have atleast 10,000 people watching the show LIVE and millions of viewers in TV. The show will have many other performances from this year Super Singer contestants and previous year's contestants, some dance performances from Jodi No 1 contestants, standup comedies from Vijay TV celebrities and special performances from the popular playback singers. Also, the show will have leading musicians participate in the show and gracing the occasion which will be a biggest dream for few of them. Siva Karthikeyan, Gopinath and Divya would host the show and Divyadarshini might also get into the act at times is what I am expecting. Permanent judges of thes how Unnikrishnan, Srinivas and Sujatha will be in the spotlight after they have brought these 4 contestants by judging their capability in the last year. Ananth Vaidyanathan's role in Super singer has been increasingly important and he will be thanked by many people.

Airtel Super Singer 3 winner will have the super singer title and also will get a new home worth 40 lacs INR. I am sure the winner will also get opportunities to become playback singer soon given the fact that many other winners/finalists have already sung quite a few songs in movies. Last year it was Yuvan Shankar Raja to announce the winner since the biggest prize of last season was to sing for Yuvan.

LIVE grand finals started in Super singer from 2008 season with Ajeesh bagging the title and a car. Later in the Super singer Juniors even, we had the grand finals as LIVE show from Vijay TV. This year will be similar and I am sure Vijay TV will have many more new featuring events in the show to make it memorable and innovative.

Super Singer 15th September, Review

Nithyashree Mahadevan joined the permanent judges (Unnikrishnan, Srinivas and Sujatha) for the prefinals round featuring divine songs round, Deiveegamana padalgal sutru. I think its good that they have brought Nithyashree for this round. It will be interesting to know how the finals is been planned or what kinds of rounds they have planned and when will the LIVE grand finale happen.

Pooja started the deiveegamana padalgal round with "Marainthirunthu paarkum marmam enna" and Sujatha came to stage to give Pooja a hug for the performance. Earlier Pooja was accompanied by her classmate Anitha and neighbour Vijayalakshmi to wish her for the Super singer finals. After the performance with Sujatha's hug, Anitha said "What else do we want, this is enough for our Pooja".

Sathyaprakash's friend was there to wish him best luck for the finals and looks like they were insisting him for season 1 and 2 but Sathya's guru wanted him to concentrate on carnatic music. His performance with "Chinnajchiriya vanna paravai" made judges speechless. It took quite a while for us even to come out of the song and Unnikrishnan came on stage to give Sathya a hug.

Raghini Shri and another friend of Santosh came into wish him good luck for the grand finals of Super Singer 3. Ragini asked viewers to vote for Santosh and his performance with "Isai kettal puvi asaindhadum" song was perfect.

Sai sharan's "Sangeetha jathi mullai" was firepacked performance and thats the comment from judges even. Sai's school friends came to the show to wish him and they said "vida muyarchi viswaroopa vetri" for his dedication and hard work to win the title.

Its getting interesting with contestants giving very good performances in the show to achieve the Super Singer title and with voting lines open, please go ahead in voting for your favourite contestant.

Airtel Super Singer 3, 15-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Pre Finals Round
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 62, Day 4, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top & Bottom with Wild Card

While the wild card round results has been announced and Sai Sharan and Santosh are selected for the finals of the Airtel Super Singer 3, there was a certain way it was announced. The show had the results of the wild card announced on Tuesday and prefinals started in the show with the finalists. The announcement of the wild card results happened like this where the top and bottom 4 contestants were announced depending on the vote count of each of them. That was surprising for me and I think it had even surprised you guys.

They did not announce all 4 together rather one from top 4 and one from bottom 4. But, eventually there were 4 of them splitted between the contestants with their vote count from public. The surprising thing was Kaushik name came in the bottom 4 list.

Bottom 4
Hariharasudan, Kaushik, Dhanyashree and Praveen

Top 4
Sai Sharan, Santosh, Srinivas and Malavika

This is one reason where I think Vijay TV should announce the number of votes for each contestant since the results are misleading. I strongly feel Kaushik could have been in top 4 and Dhanyashree would even had a chance for it. Kaushik has been with the public backing for long time and same is with Dhanya. Whatever may be, the show has already announced the finalists and its really unfortunate for others.

I feel if the Vijay TV has chosen the finalists atleast they should do a good job in annnouncements. If they are to be trusted by viewers they should make things more better.

Airtel Super Singer, September 14, 2011 - Review

Airtel Super Singer, Pre Final Round - Review

Permanent judges of the Airtel Super singer 3 are back here for judging the performances of the contestants.. Srinivas, Sujatha and Unnikrishnan are back with josh to choose the super singer title winner. Today's and further this week's performance would be the pre finals round which gives the contestants a warmth before the grand finals. To wish the contestants all the best and support them we had Vijay TV celebrities in the show. Yes, Vijay TV celebrities came in and wished their favourite contestants for the best luck in the finals.

Divyadarshini aka DD appeared to wish Sai Sharan. She brought him a key chain and said, "I know you will win the title and get house. Use this key chain during that time". Sai Sharan's Something Something song was ROCKING and with Srinivas commenting him "Welcome back, that was Rocking".

How could we leave Deepak after we saw DD in the show. Deepak came into wish Santosh. Deepak said that while he hosted Super singer earlier he got impressed with Santosh being a very good human being. He wished him all the best and danced for santosh during his performance. Santosh's "Tho tho thozha" was good.

Jodi Season 5 host Bhavna was the next celebrity on the show and she ended up supported Sathyaprakash. She said she likes all contestants but little partiality on Sathyaprakash since he looks very silent to see but singing is athiradi. Sathya sang "Rome aatam potta" and judges commented it to be a ROCKING performance. Bhavna gave Nokia X1-01 mobile for the athiradi performance.

K5 team with Ashok, Karthi, Jeya and Priya came to support Pooja. Jeya said that between all boys Pooja, the only girl finalist and she singer very well. Pooja sang "September maadham" and Sujatha greeted her saying "Hi Darling, you have started enjoying your music. Keep it up" and K5 team gave her a Nokia X1-01 mobile.

With these Vijay TV celebrities getting into the Airtel Super singer show, wait for more people to wish the contestants best of luck and make them ready for the grand finale.

Airtel Super Singer 3, 14-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Pre Finals Round
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 62, Day 3, September 14, 2011

Get ready again to vote for Super Singer

Voting lines will be open again for choosing the Super Singer winner from today, Yeah you heard it right, from today 14-09-2011 to 23-9-2011. You vote will be registered from today night onwards and the announcement will be made in today's show. So, effectively we could say that the finals is getting started and lets get ready for the Grand Finale.

After the successful voting session for the Wild Card round of the Vijay TV Super Singer show, lets not slowdown and keep voting for the favorite contestant to win the Airter Super Singer title. I will keep you guys posted with the details of Super Singer 3 grand finals soon.

Sathyaprakash – SS 01

Pooja - SS 02

Santhosh – SS 05

Saicharan - SS 07

How to Vote ?

The viewers can vote via mobile or online. Airtel Super Singer 3 Winner Voting Mechanism

Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.

Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)

Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

Voting lines are open from today. Wednesdaya September 14th – 10 pm to Friday, September 23rd.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Its Official, Sai Sharan and Santosh gets into finals

It is official now that Sai Sharan and Santosh are the winners of the Wild Card round in Airtel Super Singer 3 and they will move onto the finals of the show alongside with Pooja and Sathyaprakash. Initially Sai Sharan was announced as the winner of wild card round and he was through to the finals. Later they also announced that to give respect to public wish Santosh also gets into the finals of the Airtel Super singer. As expected the grand finals will now have 4 contestants fighting for the Airtle Super singer title.

Last season of the Super singer Junior even had similar thing where Srikanth was selected for the grand finals due to public wish and looks like that statement works out well for Vijay TV. They have followed the same footsteps this time and this will bring in more encouragement for the viewers to watch the show. I think most of the public will be happy to see Sai Sharan given his recent performances have been mindblowing and Santosh who had been there till top 4, given the fact that he had got good backup from public. Some of us will be disappointed to miss out Srinivas and Kaushik from the show. I think they were given equal support from the viewers but when it comes to finals only one or two will get a chance.

For now, lets keep this update and discuss about many other things in a while..
Sai Sharan and Santosh - Winners of Wild Card round and gets into the finals of Airtel Super singer 3.

Vijay TV Super Singer 13-09-2011, Review

Super Awards Ceremony continued in Vijay TV's Super Singer 3.

Today's awards were given to Santhosh for Most Congenial contestant which means a lot for a singer. There was a comment that Santhosh Sangeetham mattum alla, ingeethamum therindhavar. There was a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Ravichandran, Indian cricket/Chennai Super Kings star Ravichandran Ashwin's father. He had been in the show and encouraged the contestants even when Ashwin was playing for India. So he was given DIE hard fan of Super Singer 3 award. I was not aware about Ravichandran in the show and being a real big fan of the show.

Malavika was awarded for her improvmeents in the singing and she bagged the Most Progressive Singer award along with a title of Modern Avvaiyar.

Best Western song singer award went to Srinivas and everyone would say he deserves it. I still remember Vijay Narayanan getting that in the last season for his wonderful western songs and feel very comfortable to see Srinivas getting that award. Wild Card finalists were also announced in the show with Sai Sharan and Santhosh. I will post separately on that in a while..

Super Singer Super Awards List:

Best Melody genre Singer

Winner: Santhosh

Best Classical genre Singer
Sai Sharan

Winner: Sai Sharan

Best Folk genre Singer

Winner: Kaushik

Best Western genre Singer

Winner: Srinivas

Best Entertainer
Winner: Praveen

Most Congenial contestant
Winner: Santhosh

Most Progressive Singer
Winner: Malavika

DIE Hard fan of super singer
Winner: Ravichandran

Best Supporter (Audience)
Winner: Balachandar

wild Card winners
Sai Sharan and Santhosh
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