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Trichy-Coimbatore 2nd level, Day 3 - July 29, 2009

Trichy-Coimbatore 2nd level, Day 3 - 29th July 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trichy-Coimbatore 2nd level, Day 2 - July 28, 2009

Trichy-Coimbatore 2nd level, Day 2 - 28th July 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whats up in Super Singer Junior 2 ??

This week in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2, it will top contestants of Trichy and Coimbatore participating in the next level of the competition. In this round all the contestants will have to sing a Melody song & a fast number. Its not that the judges will ask them to sing both compulsarily but most of them are asked to sing both the genres. 21 and 19 contestants from Coimbatore & Trichy will be again trimmed to select best amongst these kids. I think this will be conitnued in next week even with the kids being selected from Chennai auditions.

Whos in this round ?

This round of the competition has Mahathi, Pop Shalini and Unni Menon as judges in the show and DD takes care of anchoring the show. I think its really difficult for the kids to sing in front of 3 judges. But, looking at the performance of the kids I think they take it very easy and perform very well.

Trichy-Coimbatore 2nd level, Day 1 - July 27, 2009

Trichy-Coimbatore 2nd level, Day 1 - 27th July 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whats up with Chennai Auditions

Chennai auditions got over last week in Airrtel Super Singer junior 2.. it was 2 week episode of the chennai auditions which had lot of kids participating in the event. The show was anchored by DD and she looks to be impressive until now. With the initial judges shortlisting almost 150 kids, it was difficult for the level 3 judges Tippu, Shalini and Mahathi to pick 15 kids from the list. Finally they picked up 57 kids for the next round in the competition. I think the judges in Trichy and Coimbatore even to select few more in their auditions looking at the numbers in Chennai.

Over to the numbers, this figure of 97 (which is comprising of 57 from Chennai, 21 from Coimbatore, 19 from Trichy) is all set to increase further. The 2 kids who are already become super singers will join the sets round - Balasarangan and Roshan. Also in the first week there were few more contestants selected (during Senior Vs Junior). I donno how the contestants will be selected from here in the show. This week it looks like Unni Menon will join the judges and replace Tippu for the next level of the competition. Lets see how it goes..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chennai Auditions 2, Day 4 - July 23 2009

Level 3 of Chennai Auditions, Final day - 23rd July, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

57 from Chennai !!!!

It was whopping 57 kids being selected for the Main level of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 in Chennai auditions. I am really shocked at looking at the numbers.. It was 21 in Coimbatore, 15 in Trichy and now 57 in Chennai !!! that makes 97 contestants are all ready to ROCK the stage for the next levels of the competition. well the numbers will be more given that there are some contestants who were directly selected for main events and few who were selected in first week of the Airtel Super Singer jr 2 event started with Seniors vs Juniors.

Today's episode was too good in the Chennai auditions.. many contestants who paricipated today were selected and that too spot selected.. they had amazing talents and I think for a while judges asked "where were u guys till now".. With top 100 contestants there will be tough competition amongst them to reach the title and Rs. 25 lacs.. lets see how the show goes on..

Chennai Auditions 2, Day 3 22 July 2009

Level 3 of Chennai Auditions, Day 3 - July 22nd, 2009

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Chennai Auditions 2, Day 2, 21 July 2009

Level 3 of Chennai Auditions, Day 2 - July 21st, 2009

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Chennai Auditions..

Some snaps from Chennai Auditions..

Chennai Auditions - 2, Day 1 - July 20th 2009

2nd week of Chennai Auditions, Day 1 - July 20th 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mahathi replaces Sunitha Sarathy..

This week in Airtel Super Singer jr 2, continuation of Chennai auditions.. there should be top 20-30 contestants being selected this week. The show had 3 judges Tippu, shalini and Sunitha Sarathy judging separately the contestants. This week it would be 3 judges with one change being, Mahathi will replace Sunitha sarathy and all three judges will be judging the contestants together.. lets see how it goes..

Multiple promotions for Roshan, Balasarangan

We all knew Roshan and Balasarangan participating in many Vijay TV programs and they keep on ROCKING all the time they perform any song. It was shocking to see both Roshan and Balasarangan to participate in Airtel Super Singer Jr 2 Chennai auditions. I first thought they are here to entertain other participants but they instead said that they want to participate and learn more from this even. It was very nice of these kids. It was Roshan's turn to sing in front of Pop Shalini and she asked him why was here.. even she was shocked after knowing the reason.

Roshan immediately called Balasarangan even.. Shalini said that they need not attend this audition.. but she wants to confirm with Tippu. When shalini took them to Tippu, they were given multiple promotions.. not double promotion.. Tippu said that they can participate directly in Set rounds.. rounds that will be in the Airtel Super Singer set.. It was nice move by Tippu..

Ajeesh @ SS Jr 2

Airtel Super Singer 2008 winner Ajeesh was present in Chennai Auditions of the Super Singer Jr 2 event.. Ajeesh made guest appearance in the show and the way all kids went around him was interesting. Ajeesh even said that he dint expect this kind of introduction in front of kids.. where all of them were around him..

Games @ SS Jr 2

We tend to see lot of games being played in Super Singer junior event.. the kids who are in waiting area are involved in these kinds of games.. almost all the times it was Divyadarshini who organised these kinds of games which doesnt make the kids and parents boring and keep everyone entertained. some of those games being played are really entertaining for the viewers even.. one game which they played where parents' eyes will be tied with cloth and kids will call "amma".. and mother of that girl should identify her child. There were singing games, arm wrestling ;) and even fight between actors Surya and Vijay fans..

These games are being played in all the places and it was entertaining everywhere..DD really making the show well.. I will post a separate post on DD's Super Singer journey..

Whats up with Chennai Auditions..

Chennai Auditions in Airtel Super Singer Jr 2 had started last week.. yeah.. it started last week and will continue for next week even... with the number of contestants being very high, the show got to be for 2 weeks in the channel. But, I think the number of contestants are less than wat was expected but is it that the program organisers doesnt want to show that up ??.. Considering the contestants at Trichy and Coimbatore, definitely chennai had got more than twice the number of contestants. With the preliminary auditions being judged by 6 judges the next level of auditions were judged by Tippu, Pop Shalini and Sunitha Sarathy separately. Looks like 150 contestants are being short listed for the next week main auditions which will have all 3 judges judging the performances of the contestants together..

There were lot of interesting moments in the show in Chennai event even, as it happened in other places. The show still says that top 15 contestants will be selected from this main audition but I think it will atleast 25 to 30 contestants to be selected for the main level of the show. Now, the number looks like 40 from Trichy and Coimbatore. Lets see how the show goes this week..

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whos in Chennai Auditions Preliminary rounds ??

This week in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 show, it is Chennai auditions being shown.. for the matter of fact, there is yet again overwhelming response from the kids and parents in Chennai's events and the channel will telecast the chennai auditions in 2 weeks.. With the numbers being too high, its very difficult for the judges to select the kids for the next subsequent rounds in the competition. First day being the preliminary round for the auditions the show had 6 judges.. yeah its 6 !!! double the number in Trichy and Coimbatore.. only for the reason being the kids participating is more than double the number in Trichy/Coimbatore..

The judges were Nikhil Mathew, Anitha, Gautham of Airtel Super Singer fame and playback singers Charulatha Mani, Madhumitha and Dr. Lavanya. Kids again were not less in talent as in Trichy and Coimbatore.. this week's show tends to be going longer and with lesser advertisements.. guess its because of the huge video that the team holds n its difficult to show them in 2 weeks ??

Press Meet !!

There was press meet when the Airtel Super singer junior 2 was about to start and this press meet was specially for the SS jr 2 show.. here are some of the photos of the event..


shravan - a member of Parentree community had posted this -

I have been watching Super singer junior 2 on vijay Tv and I really feel sorry for the parents and their kids participating for 2 reasons:

1)The ordeal of going thru the entire process(starting from waiting in the scorching heat , waiting in the waiting room till late evening...)

I guess vijay tv should have a better way of organizing this and give ID cards and

timeslots for the id numbers range etc...rather than making them wait.

2)Also, they shd split the age range to below 8 and 8-12 or something like that. Pavam there was 5 year old kid , if she is competeing against a 10th std kids, thats not right!!!I dont follow super singer jr that closely , so i dont know if there are 2 age categories.

any comments ??

Chennai Auditions Day 3, 15 July 2009

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Chennai's turn..

This week it will be Chennai auditions in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2... this audition took place on July 4th in Chennai. After Coimbatore and Trichy with top 40 kids for the competition.. I guess Chennai will have atleast 30 - 40 more kids being selected for the mail level of the competition. I frankly feel that Vijay TV shuold not have increased the age limit for the eligibility.. they should have had 6 to 10 years as one group and 10 to 14 years for another group. Chennai auditions would definitely be telecasted for 2 weeks and we will see lot of talents in the city for sure... so be ready for the Chennai's turn.

Friday, July 10, 2009

19 from Trichy

19 kids were selected in the Trichy auditions in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 last week.. following the Coimbatore auditions, it was Trichy's turn last week and the kids were very much talented at Trichy. This made the judges to reject many prospective contestants even.. finally the judges selected 19 contestants from the Trichy auditions for their next round in Chennai. Now, its altogether 40 contestants selected for the mail level of the competition.. 21 from Coimbatore and 19 from Trichy.

Whos at Trichy Auditions

It was Maya, Nikhil Mathew and Anitha being the preliminary judges in the first day of the Trichy auditions.. then it was Anitha Kupuswamy and Manicka Vinayagam separately doing the fist level of auditions.. then Manicka Vinayagam was joined by Mahathi for the final level of Trichy auditions.. there was no yesteryear's contestants in the show this week. DD was anchoring the show and she was having a bash out there..

Trichy Auditions Day 4, 9th July 2009

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SS Jr 2, Interesting..

The much awaited second edition of Vijay TV’s Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 has hit the Television screens and has witnessed tremendous response from the kids. This year the show promises greater entertainment and this provides another golden chance for kids in the age group of 6-14 years to showcase their singing talent on a Vijay TV’s platform which is to be judged by the legends of the music industry. Apart from gaining recognition from acclaimed names of the music industry and being a child singing icon, the Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 winner will be honored with prize money of Rs.25 lakhs. After Coimbatore and Tiruchi, Chennai auditions also got over on July 4 at Mayor Sri Ramanathan Chettiar Hall, Santhome. Kids this year looks to be very promising and I think the show would be a super hit for Vijay TV. With Divyadarshini anchoring, the show has become still more better to watch..

Trichy Auditions @ SS Jr

This week it is Trichy Auditions in Airtel Super Singer junior 2... In continuation with coimbatore auditions last week which had 21 contestants being selected for the main level of the contest, this week it would be some more contestants being selected from Trichy. Preliminary auditions took place first and it had Maya, Nikhil Mathew and Anitha judging the kids (Gautham is replaced by Maya)... I felt Maya was really strict with the contestants and she was judging as if it was mail level of auditions ;)... some more kids would have been sneaked thru if she had not been the judge..

Yesterday first level of the auditions was even started in the show and this time the judges for the same are Anitha Kupuswamy and Manicka Vinayagam. I guess with the selected contestants, both these judges will together select the top 15-25 contestants to go through for the main event.. I will update after the episodes

Trichy Auditions Day 2, July 7th 2009

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21 @ Coimbatore..

Coimbatore auditions of Airtel Super Junior 2 had got over last week.. it was whole fun seeing the kids singing. I liked the show very much & its really good that the show has been scheduled from Monday to Thursday every week. From thousands and thousands of participants.. the preliminary audition brought the contestants down and first level of the auditions brought the contestants to 150 for final level of auditions.. it was announced that 15 will be selected from the top 150 to make it into the next major level in the competition.. Finally judges Deepan Chakravarthy & Mahathi had selected 21 kids for the next round in the competition. This 21 kids will be participating the next rounds of the competition in Chennai..

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Whats up with Coimbatore Auditions..

With Coimbatore auditions being started in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2, it was preliminary round audition for the kids on monday and it had judges Anitha, Nikhil Mathew and Gautham.. further sterday it was Main level auditions that happened.. both the days of the show was enjoyable.. and I am sure whole of this junior version will be enjoyable.. Today and tomorrow it would be next level of auditions itself.. the main level of audition had Deepan Chakravarthy, Anitha Kuppuswamy and Mahathi as judge and I guess they would continue to be there for next level of auditions even.

It was announced that 15 kids will be selected from this level 2 auditions in the show and they will be travelling to Chennai for next rounds in the competition.. so today and tomorrow it would be with contestants waitlisted and selected for the main event in the show.. watch out for the same..

Coimbatore Auditions, Day 2, 30th June 2009

It was Main level auditions at Coimbatore on Day 2 of Airtel Super Singer junior 2 (coimbatore auditions).. here is the video of the same..

koffee with anu super singer jodi no 1 anu alavum bayam illai celebrating kamal's 50 vijay tv vanga pesalam kallikaattu pallkoodam maharani vijay awards vpl en peyar meenakshi yuvan vijay tv anchors kings of comedy