Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whats up with Chennai Auditions..

Chennai Auditions in Airtel Super Singer Jr 2 had started last week.. yeah.. it started last week and will continue for next week even... with the number of contestants being very high, the show got to be for 2 weeks in the channel. But, I think the number of contestants are less than wat was expected but is it that the program organisers doesnt want to show that up ??.. Considering the contestants at Trichy and Coimbatore, definitely chennai had got more than twice the number of contestants. With the preliminary auditions being judged by 6 judges the next level of auditions were judged by Tippu, Pop Shalini and Sunitha Sarathy separately. Looks like 150 contestants are being short listed for the next week main auditions which will have all 3 judges judging the performances of the contestants together..

There were lot of interesting moments in the show in Chennai event even, as it happened in other places. The show still says that top 15 contestants will be selected from this main audition but I think it will atleast 25 to 30 contestants to be selected for the main level of the show. Now, the number looks like 40 from Trichy and Coimbatore. Lets see how the show goes this week..

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