Monday, June 7, 2010

Finals, 07-06-2010

Airtel Super Singer junior 2, Finals
Day 1 - June 7, 2010


  1. SSJ 15-Shrevan is superb, he is best of all the others. He should be the winner, he deserves the 2.5 million rupees.

    Of course, all the others are also very good, but Shreven is number one in the competition.

  2. The performance of the Finalists on the first day of the finals on 07/06/2010 was fantastic. Shravan was superb. But I personally like Nithyashree’s performance. The young Srikanth can not be ignored. One of these three should be the winners.
    I do not know why the judges are always from outside the state. Though there may be scope for winning through popular vote, a certain section of people will definitely be sitting in front of the computers and will be punching Alka Ajit & Roshan. They are good singers. Let them go and try their place in their language programmes. Why Tamils will have to participate in such programmes where they give credibility to the channel and loose against outsiders. Alka & Roshan had entered the finals because of Chtra Amma. No other judge could have promoted them to this level.
    Srikanth & Nithyasree had to compete in other rounds and comeup where as the Alka & Roshan were easily accommodated in the final.
    I request the people of Tamil Nadu to vote a singer from Tamil Nadu as the best singer.
    R G Raman

  3. First of all I would like to congratulate all the finalists for their wonderful performances. Of course at the end of the day only one could be the winner as we all know. To grade them at this level is very very difficult. I personally feel Nithyashree has done it so wonderfully and gracefully. My vote goes for her. Sharavan needs to be mentioned here. He is a fabulous singer no doubt. I feel either one of them could be the winner.

  4. Great Janaki amma has given an excellent comment about Shravan. In my opinion he is the winner.

  5. SSJ 15 Shravan is the best, great, fantastic, fabulous, superb, excellent Singer. He is my ultimate choice, my vote is for one and only Shravan.
    He should be the finest choice of all.

  6. Having read RG's view, I feel he is quite right. In Kerala there are so many competitions going on in Malayala languge, why don't Alga and Roshan go there? Why do they try to invade in other's boundary and deprive the opportunity of innocent children like Nithyasri and Srikanth.

    Considering this factor, the real competition is and should be among Shravan, Nithyashri and Srikanth. Of course Shravan is the best of all, and I don't have an iota of doubt.


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