Monday, July 11, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 11-07-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3
Week 53, Day 1, July 11, 2011

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  1. Hi all, Yesterday's selection of songs and rendition was very good, but each one of the contestant from all the three teams sang the lyrics wrongly, (Praveen, Dhanya and Sathyaprakash), the judges also did not point our their mistake, old songs are still evergreen in our hearts, when there is a mistake we easily find out and it hurts, because the old songs lyrics had real meanings unlike new songs. So please take care while singing and the judges also whether it is a competetive round or not if there is a mistake please point out. If the judges cannot remember the lyrics let them hear to the original song once before the contestants could sing. I am not trying to find fault with anyone, this is a real concern, as this time super singer is very interesting with beautiful themes, (round) unlike previous series.
    I am an ardent fan of Asianet Idea star singer, (I'm not a malayalee, pakka thamizachi born and brought up in chennai) and I never use to watch super singer, but this time, I'm unable to change the channel from Vijay TV even during ad's in super singer, I'm awestruck and spellbound this time, unable to take away my eyes and ears from the programme, (which resulted in such a big comment)like me there are others also whom I know who have shifted their interest from Idea star singer to Airtel super singer. So please everyone of you even the judges and ananth sir, take this a positive comment. Thanks


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