Friday, August 19, 2011

Santosh eliminated from Top 4

Airtel Super Singer 3 in Vijay TV, Santosh eliminated from Top 4

Airtel Super Singer 3 in Vijay TV had the top 4 contestants sing songs of their choice as their last performance in the Top 4. As expected Santosh was eliminated from the Top 4 and he is right now banking on the wild card round to try and make a come back into the contest.

Sai Charan and Sathyaprakash went into the top 3 without any problems. It was left between Pooja and Santosh for the last remaining slot in the Top 3. Pooja's good performance all through the week got her into the top 3 in spite of her singing songs that were to her strength. The Nokia singer of the week award went to Sathyaprakash who won a Nokia N1014 for his performance.

The Airtel song of the week went to Pooja for singing the song Athan and she won a gift of LCD TV for her performance. These were the two contestants who went to the top 3 without any problems. The judges were concerned about the fact that Pooja was not singing songs that were not her strength. It was Santosh who faced the axe due to his lackluster performance.



  1. Santhosh has a fantastic voice. His only draw back is his low self-confidence.

    In stage he lacked :
    * Telling an honest opinion when his competitors sang. For most part, he always said others didnt lack anything in their performance. As much as a good singer, he also needs to be a good critique.

    ** When asked about his own performance, he can be honest about his own flaws but there is a way to vocalize it. He needs to say with confidence that he had performed well and then suggest the places he lacked.

    I was extremely disappointed about his elimination but I did foresee it for the past 2 weeks with the above behavior he exhibited amongst the judges.

    To Santhosh - Start believing in yourself. You need to start watching your own performances and learn from other participants how confident they are on stage when it comes to commenting about their own performances. No one can sing as well as you do in the particular song is what you need to start believing first.

    My best wishes to you coming back in the wildcard round.

    Get a grip man.. you have an amzing voice.

  2. Hi Santhosh,

    I believe that u wd've overcome yr low self esteem. No one could have come until the top 4 if he is a not equally talented in comparison with others. U have an unique way of singing as well as a beautiful voice. As Mr. Unni Krishnan suggested yr voice sounds different with each song u sing. I simply loved yr "Isaiyil thodanguthamma...." in yr previous ss competition. ALL THE BEST AND BE CONFIDENT TT U'LL WIN. HLatha, singapore.

  3. low self esteem is al one is going to eliminate him for that s the performance that counts..He defn shud have done better.....its a tuff competetion;;and look at the wild card performance of santhosh..thats a do or die situation for him. santhosh shud have taken something really challening..may be based on his past performances he mite be selected for pblic votng but defn not fr his wild card was OK..

  4. Santhosh..good luck fr u and i really wish u get selected for wildcard..Il defn VOTE for u.


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