Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whats up with Chennai audition ?

Whats up with Chennai audition ?

To heighten the audition process for Airtel Super Singer 3 in Chennai, video booths are set up at various vantage  points across the city at retail outlets  from June 26 till July 03, 2010. Video Booths are set up at Chennai Citi Centre, Dr.Radhakrishnana Road, Mylapore and Spencer’s Daily, G.N.Chetty Road, T.Nagar. Also interested people could record their voice on mobile van that would be travelling across the city.

Those who missed the above entries could also come for the first set of auditions that is to take place in Chennai on Sunday, July 04, 2010 at Sri Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai. For more information log onto

For the first time ever, a panel of eight Judges like Suvi Suresh, Lavanya, Ajeesh, Ravi, Anitha would Judge the participants talents.

Eminent singing personalities like S.P.Shylaja, Unni Menon, Pop Shalini and Carnatic vocalist Sowmya would don the role of preliminary Judges for the S
uper Singer 3 show

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  1. Its a really good effort taken by Vijay TV to bring out new talents into the film industry. But I wish to point out a few drawbacks which really makes life miserable for people during the preliminary auditions.

    Please bear in mind that everyone aspires to be a singer but not many have the required talent.The purpose of talent hunt shows is to get the right people.Unfortunately, luck factor seems to play a very important role in this show.

    You seem to audition over a 1000 contestants per day.Since, you do something called Spot selection and you typically restrict the number of people who get selected, the people coming in the end face stiff competition.

    A person who sings in the beginning might not be as good as a person who sings in the end.Many of us including myself faced this problem during the first season.

    Instead, you can finish off all the auditions altogether and then announce the results after comparing the marks of every single contestant , say after a week or so.

    This was, you don't have to keep people waiting for eternity till midnight and a fair judgement will be given.

    Second thing, you can split the number of contestants to say 200 per slot and have separate set of judges for each slot. The reason being, even judges get tired by the end of the day ,if they have to judge around 1000 participants per day.

    It would make things easier for you as well as the judges as well as the participants.Above all, you can ensure a fair judgement.

    Apart from this, please ensure that only people who truly deserve are called for the second round of auditions. I mean the ones whom you short list from CD's. You can do some amount of filtering in this this stage itself.

    Please note that, this is not my personal opinion but its the want of many people. Infact, many good singers are not coming forward just because of the amount of hastle and tension they have to face in this initial stage.


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