Thursday, May 27, 2010

Public Wild Card Round, 27-05-2010

Airtel Super Singer junior 2, Public Wild Card Round

Day 4 - May 27, 2010


  1. the super singer is SSJ21 Priyanka

  2. d judges are biased. otherwise they would hav selected priyanka.priyanka is d best
    s.hariharan chennai

  3. hai alka i wish yu all the best

  4. its disgusting the way she moves on the stage,nithyashree.Just close the eyes when she sings ,you would find lot of imperfections she is just trying to make up her flaws with her dance ,hello,it is not dance show.How come the judges are so biased .it is attrocious.nithyashree stop your cheap tricks

  5. it should be either be priyanka or sreenisha

  6. Priyanka is the perfect super singer junior 2010. i like most of the kids trying for the best singer award and they certainly deserve high recognition. But if you carefully judge Priyanka is meeting all the requirements.
    Alka is a versatile and born singer
    Srinisha's way of singing is unique and so much life.
    Nithayshee has a unique voice and she is a truly sensational singer and a dancer. wonderful talent of Nithya.
    I love the humbleness and sharp voice of vishnu.
    Srikanth is a prodigy and he still has time to come to get a title like this. But he is so talented and a future singer.

    But my vote for "THE" singer is for "Priyanka"
    PS; Suji it is disgusting the way you are commenting on a small kid who has so much talent and guts to come and deliver such a magnificent performance. I am not sure of your age, but your comments are with vengeance and jealousy

  7. Hi Nilmini Aunty!!!I have the right to comment about a show which is open to public opinion ,so you mind your words and stick to comment only about the show and not my comments.your are only disgusting with your attitude .Get Life !!!

  8. don't know why all the judges select shravan. he is not a very good singer compare with other children. in "THE BEST CLASSICAL ROUND" shri hari, sahana & prasanna sundar sang better than shravan. they sang tough song, but judge selected shravan, some background he has.

    pl. don't cheat & waste the time of other contestant and the public. i know finally they will announce shravan is the winner ( who knows about the votes he got)

  9. Priyanka deserves to be the super singer- she has a golden voice. She has exhibited her prowess very well, today she was more than words could describe. She meets all the requirements to be selected as the super singer and my salutaions to her musical intelligence. Way to go Priyanka- you are very close to the torch, get it my dear.


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