Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Semifinals 2, 12-05-2010

Airtel Super Singer junior 2, Semifinals 2
Day 3 - May 12, 2010


  1. The judges are totally supportive of Alka & against Nityasree, who out performed Alka 0n 12/05/2010. This was expressed bt Mr Harish too. Judge Chitr Amma likes only Alka & Roshan. She dislikes Nityasree. Alka prefers only songs by Chitra Amma, since she has voice only for such songs.
    Mano Sir, does not like Nityasree. Madam Malgudi performs puja to other judges for reasons only God knows. She alone can give 10 marks to a below par performance.
    The Anchor Madam Divya speaks 90 % English since that is the way she can avid the Tamil audience & population.
    I am wondering, it is the dictum of the channel head / producer / the party gifting the house / a conspiracy by some of the insiders or the arrogance of the judges
    to promote some one of their choice.
    If it is a Tamil Channel please use the Tamil language, Tamil technicians, Tamil Artists and promote Tamil.
    Others are having their own channel where they can compete and excel. Why every one wants to choke Tamils. RG Raman

  2. Yes, Even I feel Chitra is very biased to Alka and Roshan. In my opinion other candidates are more talented than these two.

  3. yeah i hope whatever its written here..the judges or producers r able to read...there is so much of partility going on...i thought a singer shld be all u think alka can sing and perform well in a nitiyashree does...very bad judges...sreenisha was a wonderful singer...

  4. On 13/05/2010 Nityasree was eliminated. She took it with childish tear and a brave heart. I appreciate her behaviour.
    Mano Sir did not pass any comments and maintained neutrality which I appreciate.
    Chitra Amma was critically assessed and passed comments on Nityasree. She declared that Roshan was very good and she personally appreciate the efforts of Roshan.
    This was taken as a cue by all others who took part in the voting. Every one just followed the great Amma and voted in favour of Roshan. While commenting on the mike every one was appreciating Nityasree.
    It is fine that Nityasree was eliminated. But against undeserving artist with the sole support of the great Amma.
    Minus Nityasree the prog is not going to be what it was.
    Now it is almost final that Chitra Amma has decided to present the house to Roshan and only Roshan, whose Tamil is horrible, his pronunciation is different and he is unable to complete the words, which laggings were pointed out by Mano Sir, earlier.
    A request repeated to channel owners. “If it is a Tamil Channel please use the Tamil language, Tamil technicians, Tamil Artists and promote Tamil.”RG Raman

  5. Judges are biased, it is very clear from the show. Mano, Chitra and most of the judges were keralite, so Nityasree naturally lose due to tamil origin.
    In a tamil TV channel judges should be pure tamilist only, if you see the kerala channels, judges all are malayalees, not even single tamilian.
    But children with their braveheart are participating with their 100% effort, but sonething else decides their fate, I think the effort and time of those who participated in the contest should not go waste.

  6. it is very wonderful that vijay tv is organizing continuous talent shows to encourage young kids,but it is not fair from the regulaar judges,comments are favourable to nityashree and results are favourable to keralites,reasons are well known (Chitra mam)if u'r show is for only talents find out the talents,

    i hope "tamilagathin chella kuralukana thedal" is not from tamilnadu and is from kerala

    from andamans

  7. Pl stop this kind adverse comment all the channels have judges from all the part of the country for example Usha uthup was a part of IDEA STAR SINGER, in ASIANET and various others in other shows please dont spoil a good event. We are first INDIANS pl dont spoil music has no language dot you hear songs of SPB, MANO, Chitra, K.J Yesudas. pl stop this

  8. I really wish you'd stop harping on the Tamil channel is for Tamilians issue. Can't you be more broad minded? The judges might be biased, but if you want to talk about that issue you should comment on how the judges should be more neutral. What is with the whole 'only Tamil people should participate in a competition in a Tamil channel and judges must be only Tamil'? And doesn't the fact that people from other states are coming all the way to TN to participate in a Tamil show and bothering to learn Tamil mean Tamil is being promoted? And if only Tamil people perform in your shows and only Tamil people watch them who exactly are you promoting Tamil to? It's not as if Tamil is on the verge of becoming a dead language is it?- that you'd feel there was a need to promote Tamil to Tamilians? If you're going to be so staunchly against influence and participation by anybody or anything non-Tamil you might as well stop commenting in English since we're discussing about a Tamil program. What was the point of globalization and India being touted as cosmopolitan I wonder..

  9. well said geetha.......this search must be for talent irrespective of age,sex and language...... even though the judges are seems to be biased sometimes this alka was not less talented...........


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