Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Card Round, 18-05-2010

Airtel Super Singer junior 2, Wild Card Round
Day 2 - May 18, 2010


  1. srikanth is rocking...he had all ablity 2 b a super singer...i love srikanth....

  2. Hats off to Shravan, Alka and Roshan... the three best singers have walked into the finals..

    Less said about the Wild card round..the better!

    The first 2 days saw Srinivas, Sowmya, Madhu, Unni and one more judge and select 2 to go into public voting round... their choice- Priyanka is surprising, but acceptable. But to have selected Vishnu charan (and for that damp squib of a song)over Sahana, Sharat, Prasanna is shameful to say the least, very biased and Airtel and Vijay- you have lost one whole big mass of followers.. and it refelcts poorly on Srinivas- who was the leader of the judging group. Sad, really

    Anand Kalidass, T Nagar, Chennai

  3. Srinivas, Sowmya and others...

    If get to read this..pl do reflect on what you have done... Something is quite amiss.. How can you ever select Vishnu Charan? U seem to have lost it... nothing unanimous about it either.. I do not believe Madhu or Unni would have gone for Vishnu Charan

    Sad really... to make a mockery of such rich talent in Sahana, Prasanna and Sharat...

    Anand Kalidass, T Nagar, Chennai

  4. Im shocked that Vishnu Charan has been elected in the wild card round, it's typical bias. It's very shocking, the show has lost its charm, when great singers like Prasanna, Sahana or Sharath could have been chosen. I think the first few judges for the wild card round have done a terrible mistake

    Dheepthaa Anand, T Nagar, Chennai

  5. 20/05/2010 Wild Card Round. It was apity that they had to bring back Srikanth to keep the audience & TRP rating.
    The other 5 wild card selection was done to minimize the competition to Alka Ajit & Roshan, who will finally be winning.
    Alka Ajit & Rosan were pathetic singing with Anand Vaidhianathan. But the Non Tamil judges wants them only.
    The anchor was repeatedly telling that the wild card selections will be singing with Nityasree. This reminds me of the snake charmer on the street who used to tell that he will be making the mongoose & the snake to fight. This he will be telling till the end but never the fight used to take place.
    Without Nithyasree & Srikant the TRP rating will fall. That is why they are retaining the two.
    As far as the judges are concerned they have long back decided on Alka Ajit to win. If this is not happening by any chance then they will nominate Roshan.
    RG Raman

  6. haha well said RG!!these stupid malayalees and their biased partial judgement!! first nikhil mathew with his ugly mallu accent dint even know to talk in tamil..then this skeleton ajeesh, now cry face alka and potta koral ulle Roshan(female voiced) ..hostess is mallu again- masculine luking divya ,judges almost everyone a mallu, guests are mallus again..why dont u sick mallus just stay put in kerala and stop tormenting us?? as if only you know to sing!!Bloddy Buggers!!Get out of our soil or learn Tamil!!

  7. whatever be the result.. noone in tamilnadu will accept alka as super singer neither will she become a singer in Tamilnadu.. same holds good for those idiots Nikhil n ajeesh..they might get a song or two..never will become successful in their singing career..they have no sense.when alka doesnt win her face becomes so small and lacks the discipline to appreciate others!and her mother is always with a crying expression.feel like pelting them all with stones!phew! lets stop watching this MALAYALEE program and watch good sane programs like Raagamalika and so on which encourage tamil singers..Tamizh singers like Uma ramanan and Vani jayaram got crushed by that Mouse voiced Janaki and others..


  9. Sreenisha is ever best. No one can beat her.

    I wish her all success in all endeavours of her life.

    Love u Sreenisha

    by Abi

  10. 24/05/2010 wild card round was fantastic. Nityasree was superb. She should win the crown. The next best is Srikanth.
    Alka Ajit & Roshan are no where near to these two.
    In order to maintain the TRP ratings the channel has retained Nityasree & Srikant.
    Please bring in Tamil judges to evaluate the Tamil singers.

  11. Alka and Roshan are good, the judgement is NOT biased. Please dont discriminate so blindly based on soil. look at professional talent. I feel the 3 finalists who went thru judgin - shravan, alka and roshana are well-deserving. Nityashree is simply a fire ball. her professionality at music cannot match the class set by the finalists. she is simply there for entertainment. and srikanth is wonder at his age, but again lacks the standard to be set by a 'SUPER SINGER" and vishnu charan...welll....ppl we have sc st quota in music also...shows what democracy is coming to.

    Dheepthaa Anand and Nithya Anand

  12. Wow . I love Vishnu Charan !! What a voice , what an expression , my goodness ! Really amazing. Hats off judges for choosing Vishnu over others !


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