Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whats up with Semifinals ??

It is semifinals time in Super Singer Junior 2. The first leg of the semis saw the exit of Srinisha. But all is not lost for her as she stands a chance to enter the finals through the wildcard round.

The others -- Alka, Nithyashree, Roshan and Shravan – will move into the second leg of the semis. In the coming week, the children will sing in a one-on-one format.

Every contestant will be made to sing against each other. To cheer the children, celebrity judges such as Nithyashree, Harish Raghavendra and Suchithra will sing along.


  1. No wonder ! Roshan survives until the final, good fixing ! Hats Off chi.. chi.. chitra and Mano !

  2. During days of Ilayaraja very diffident on his music lean on CHITRA,MANO, Raja never turned to try or offer any new singers, Now these singers are he..he..
    See A.R Rahman who proved with OSCARS and having brought in many singers.

    1. In the earlier rounds singers were eliminated because they referred to notes during singing. but ROSHAN gets away with it in SEMIFINALS !!!. WHY?
    2. In the semifinals singers like Nithyashree & Srinisha were adversely commented upon for "selecting" non melodious songs. This program is based upon film songs which include all genre like, melody, folk, carnatic, rap, western, fusion etc. why bias towards melody only? In fact the songs sung by these two children were tough (aduththathu ambujam & Elanthapayam). I doubt whether Alka and Roshan can sing those songs. Whereas in semifinals-2 Peppy songs are included with Suchithra as anchor.
    3. In an earlier round Nithyashree was sought to be eliminated because she took more time to practice a song whereas Roshan was allowed to sing “lalala” instead of lyrics in the same competition. In fact they were asked to render different songs with Roshan shown the leniency of not singing the lyrics. The song for Roshan was “Ninnukori”. Luckily S.Janaki saved the day for Nithyashree and she survived to enter semifinals.
    4. When two of the judges passed some minor comments on the singing, Suba had no problem in awarding perfect 10 score!!! This she did once for Alka and once for Shravan.
    Judges should not only be legendry singers but also be impartial men & women.
    I would say that these children are lucky to have guidance from Anand and they should be thankful to him forever.

  4. @ Hariharan ......... what are you trying to say?


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