Saturday, September 10, 2011

How did they perform ?

After two weeks of wild card round in Airtel Super Singer 3, this week we all are eagerly waiting for the show to announce the contestant who will get into the grand finals. I felt 2 weeks is really a big time for the wild card round but the voting will definitely make the contestants proud. It will be really big numbers but I am not sure whether Vijay TV will announce the number of votes or only the difference between the votes of the contestants. It will be nice to see how the guys performed in the wild card round.

Judges of the wild card round in Airtel Super Singer 3 were T.R. Mahalingam, Nithyashree Mahadevan, S.P. Shailaja and Sriram Parthasarathy. In the second week the contestants had other playback singers Srilekha Parthasarathy, Sunitha Sarathy, Tipu, Harini, Suchitra, Harish Ragavendra, Mathangi.

Sai Sharan
Unlucky to miss the final selection in the semi finals and when he lost the spot by just 0.5 marks its very difficult. But, I would say he came with a bang in the wild card round and his performance for the challenging song gave him a standing ovation from all the judges. He is in the top spot to get into the finals according to me.

When his wife said that their marriage got postponed few times due to Super Singer and Srinivas didnt perform most of his wedding activities it proved his passion for singing. Certainly a very good singer and his "Aromale" from Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya in Challenging song gave him a big boost for his spot in the finals. If at all judges will pick their contestant, I think it might be Srinivas.

Kaushik had been a good singer in most of his performances and there are quite many comments on his versatility but I feel his raaga based melody songs made him to exit from the show. I am not sure if its just few songs or raaga based melody genre itself gives him certain problems. He has good backup from the public and certainly has a good chance to get into the finals.

I am not sure how much Malavika would get public backing to get into the finals but certainly she has proved certain performances that she can be a very good playback singer.

I still remember his performance from Sami film song "thirunelveli alva da" and he has been doing well in the Super Singer show but could not get into the final stages. But, I was surprisingly happy to see him back in the show.

Her unique/different voice makes her unique in the show. She has been an effortless singer ofcourse, she has put lot of effort in preparing but her performances look like an effortless singing. I think she also has good backing from the public which might make her in top few places in the wild card results table.

Only foreign contestant to get into top levels of the Airtel Super Singer show this year. His showmanship makes him to be in top levels in the show inspite of his little poor diction. He has good backing from the international contestants and public which might help him to some extent to get into top few spots in the results table.

Santhosh Hariharan shows everyone the fighting spirit for music which he has shown in the show. I think he lacks self confidence and showed explicitly in front of the judges which made him to perform less better than other contestants and got to exit from the show. He has already been doing lot of stage shows and certainly will be a playback singer soon.

Lets see what happens next week.

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  1. Regarding Srini: Why JUST HIS Aaromale? Aariro, Vidukathaiya, Pookkal pookkum tharunam all are PAR_EXCELLENCE. Any layman could say that.


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