Friday, September 16, 2011

Unsung heroes of Super Singer 3

We are all ready for the great grand finals of the Airtel Super Singer 3 which attracted contestants from worldwide but I felt there were few unsung heroes who were eliminanted after reaching the top levels and further made the best use of the wild card round which did not help them at all. I felt that Srinivas and Kaushik made the best use of the wild card round with their super duper performances which should have earned them a place in the grand finals but ended up disappointed. I thought for a while that the wild card round has made lot of surprises to the viewers and there will lot of voting done for many of the wild card contestants in Super Singer.

Srinivas and Kaushik's performance in the wild card round gave them quite a few standing ovations from the judges given the fact that the judges for that round were new to the show. Some of the songs sung by them have been incredible and can be compared with the original song itself. Still we saw Kaushik in the bottom 4 of the table which was a big shock for me. Although I am not a big fan of Kaushik, his performances in the wild card round was not bad for him to be in the bottom of the list. I started this poll for the Super Singer around 100 days back and from earlier days itself Kaushik has been leading the votes and now the vote count reaching 25,000. I dont think he deserves to be in the bottom of the list and I dont really think public votes would be that low for him to be in that spot. Next was Srinivas, as expected Vijay TV had taken 2 contestants for the finals and I was expecting Srinivas to get a spot for his stupendous performance. But, atleast he was in the top 4.

Even Dhanyashree was in the bottom 4 which was again a shock for me. I agree that Vijay TV and Super Singer team has to select them based on the total votes but it would have been good if they had disclosed the number of votes for each contestants. This really hurts quite many people and they end up losing the fan following.

I dont have any regrets in choosing Sai Sharan and Santosh but I feel that the top 4 and bottom 4 announced by Vijay TV did not really worked out well with me and I guess you will agree with me too. It would have been better if they had just announced the winners of the wild card round alone. After all of these I think Srinivas, Dhanyashree and Kaushik are deserved to be playback singers and I hope they achieve that sooon. They will always be in our heart and will get our support in future being the unsung heroes of Super Singer 3.


  1. Yes I totally agree with this. Kaushik not being in the grand finals is a huge disappointment and the shock was that he was in the bottom four. It was the least expected.

    Also, with Dhanyashree. She has been a consistent singer and I once again did not expect her to be the bottom 4. And on top of that the way Gopi cut off Dhanya whhen she was talking was even disappointing.

  2. INJUSTICE TO SRINI & KAUSHIK in the wildcard round.....They should have been along with Sathya in the final. And dear author, please don't use the word "Surprise" for the kicking out of Srini & Kaushik - it is called "SHOCK". BUT I WAS NOT SURPRISED WITH THE RESULT - because Vijay TV is known for its ATROCITY even from the days of ASS-2.


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