Thursday, September 29, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, 29-09-2011

Airtel Super Singer 3, Special Moments
Vijay TV Program, Vijay TV Super Singer
Week 64, Day 4, September 29, 2011


  1. FUNNY SHOW....Could not help laughing. Already, so many AWARDS were given away both after the wildcard round and during the final. Innikku pudhusa Sathyaprakashkku mariyadhai seiyaraangalam? Ithanai naal theriyalaya avan nalla singer nu????

    That joker judge Srinivas gave only 1/2 mark extra for Sathyaprakash in the semi-final. He always used to comment that Sathyaprakash made a GOOD ATTEMPT. And has brought him to danger-zone for good songs. Today, he speaks as if he is doing the favor for Sathyaprakash. WHY THIS ACT?

    Appo, we are SRINIVASAN(contestant) fans. CAN YOU SHOW US THE "RESULTS" of the WILDCARD ROUND? It is the same Saicharan and Santosh who were selected in the wildcard round also, when Srinivasan OUTCLASSED all of them very easily followed by KAUSHIK. ADHUKKU ENNA BADHIL?

    The joker judge also says any which way Saicharan won. But looking at the marks, Saicharan got only 489 from judges whereas Sathyaprakash got 516. If judges were giving marks, then WHY THE PUBLIC VOTING?

    AND how are they going to justify SANTOSH GETTING AHEAD OF SATHYA????


    IF THAT JOKER JUDGE thought that only MUSIC was important, why did he eliminate people like
    Madhumita Srinivasan, Srinivasan, Kaushik etc. by pushing in Not-better contestants like Malavika, Soundarya, Sakthi etc.??

    [B][U]YENDA, ungala kelvi ketka yaarum illana aaduvingalaa? [/U][/B] TODAY, this show turned from WORSE TO WORST - IMMURAI ULAGA ALAVIL. In the history of World Television, this kind of a DISGUSTING THING has never happened.

    SATHYAPRAKASH's other fans may be happy with what happened today. BUT TODAY, I WAS NOT
    HAPPY (Today, Final & Wildcard round) - because what happened today is the BIGGEST insult to

    AND "EMINENT" musicians want contestants to sing janaranjaga paadalgal in a singing talent contest. THEN DEAR SATHYAPRAKASH: you could have sung "Sirukki Sirichi vanda cheena thaana" or something like that. Why did you choose Omana Penne?

    AND FINALLY, CAN YOU SIMILARLY REVERT THE DECISION in the wildcard round by bringing in
    Srinivasan & Kaushik again???? Because it is the MUSIC-KNOWLEDGE-less public that voted in the wildcard round also. It is the same Saicharan and Santosh who won even then. OK?

  2. Such a worst show ever !!!! All its greatness of being a good show is lost.

    First case after giving the decision to the public and begging so much for vote ,Being casted

    so much of votes now Srinivas says that the public dint vote? Is he joking ????

    From next season its better judges can choose evrything and not public.What judges did they

    eliminated all good singers and now blaming the public?

    Srinivas on first sight why he has to become so tensed up and give such comments .Being a Musician Why cant he just try to give chances to sathyaprakash and y unnecessary pulicity by bringing up such unwanted show again.Then whats the use of Grand Finale Live?

    What personally i have decided not to vote anymore in the next season!!!!!!!

  3. very good thing indeed sathya is honoured for his music. if the same thing happened inhe wild card santhoh and sai would have been out andsrinivas and kousik in .any how sathyas music is honoured and i decide not to watch any supersinger show

  4. Saicharan has showed his versatility from the beginning. Sathya did really sing well on the finals. If at all Vijay TV and the judges wanted to honour Sathya they could have done in a gracious manner on the final day itself and could have called it as Jury award and honoured him on the stage in front of all the crowd. Sai getting the popular award and Sathya getting the jury award. Why make auch a sob show again on the TV and all getting emotional. Very unprofessional.

  5. Hai Music oh sorry , Hai sathya ,
    First of all I have congrats you for “Heart and soul” touching performance in final. You gave your level best. And you are the super singer for original music lovers and music professionals.
    May be you have doubt that why you are not selected by public and you also get answers from most geniuses
    However I like to tell my point of view as a music lover
    Reason 1: We can’t say most of the people vote for talent, they like familiar music (Mazhai Thuli song already reached all (A, B, C) centers) my point of view is most people voted for music of the song not for the contestant talent.
    At the same time I don’t think your song selection is wrong … no definitely not…. Because talented guys (who believe in his talent not sentiment) like to choose that type of song only, and you did it.
    Reason 2: In our state sentiment plays main roll compare to talent. (We have more examples in political election)
    Your way of asking votes are based on the talent but others…?
    Finally I like to say, what are all the matters you have to give important in the future, the followings are in order,
    1. Your own selection of songs
    2. Music professionals
    3. Public who have agreed talent based selection
    No need to concentrate on public who agree other than talent (like sentiment, extra)
    Always keep in touch with Srini sir,sujatha mam, subha mam, mahathi mam and sriram partha sarathi sir
    I know something from Airtel super singer 3 final votes that is, In public more percentage of people are sentiment based….
    Dear Sathya I want to tell from my heart you are greaaaaaaaaaaaat, nothing to tell about your mistakes….. so no need to keep on worrying about this……
    All the best for your bright future,
    All our blessing will be with you always ……
    Confidently I can say, in future you are one of the shining stars in the sky of the music world.


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