Saturday, September 24, 2011

Popular Singer and Judges' Singer

There are both - lot of happiness and equally lots of disappointment with the way the Airtel  Super singer 3 got over in the grand finals. I would say it was not really so grand at all given the results which had brought lot of criticism from the public. So, when we say its a super singer title and what is it really based on ?? Whether its the popular singer or singer chosen by judges. I really dont know how it works and what I remember from last season was its based on the Vijay TV program managers - being told by some of the last season contestants in the forums. Super Singer program managers knew it very well that they cant make all viewers happy and always make some contraversial decision while choosing the winner or prize for them. It ends up we the public speak about it for a while until the next season starts. This has become like a Indian cricket team where Indian team had lost in England badly and we have forgotten about it and started watching the champions league.

So how are they choosing the winner of the show ? Is it just by the number of public votes or their performances through out the show has been considered by the judges for the winner or is it combination of both of those to determine it. I dont have any idea of what they do just after seeing the reactions of the judges in the stage after announcing the winners and prizes. Sujatha, Srinivas and Unnikrishnan themselves were confused on stage and was not really knowing whats gonna happen. Last season they had similar issues too.. This year it was between Sai Sharan and Sathyaprakash compared to last season Ravi and Ajeesh. When Ajeesh was announced as winner, we all starting cribbing that Ravi is deserved to be the winner and they are not considering the public votes. We were blaming the judges for their decision to have Ajeesh as the winner of the show and it was termed to be biased. This season its the otherway round that we are able to accept the fact that Sai Sharan would have got more votes from public - terming that he made politics or sentiments. But we could agree that he might have got more public votes than other contestants so why not call this as popular singer and not super singer. There are also several questions why judges are not involved in choosing the winner.

I dont want to get into the topic of who deserves the title - either Sai Sharan or Sathya.. which I have kept for another post.. but wwhat I could see is that last season we termed biased and regional for having Ajeesh winning. This season we call it political, popular and sentimental. I see that these criticism and discussions will be going on and on which we will forget when the next season starts. What I could see here is that Vijay TV had tried to make up for the last season in this season but that even did not work our well for them. Lets see what they do in the future seasons. I

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  1. Satyaprakash should be the actual super singer.
    When sombody's mother crys foul at the sponsors and judges how the star vijay can yield to such presures. it is really pathetic show. my order of selection is 1st sathya 2nd santosh 3rd pooja and out goes sai.


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