Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top & Bottom with Wild Card

While the wild card round results has been announced and Sai Sharan and Santosh are selected for the finals of the Airtel Super Singer 3, there was a certain way it was announced. The show had the results of the wild card announced on Tuesday and prefinals started in the show with the finalists. The announcement of the wild card results happened like this where the top and bottom 4 contestants were announced depending on the vote count of each of them. That was surprising for me and I think it had even surprised you guys.

They did not announce all 4 together rather one from top 4 and one from bottom 4. But, eventually there were 4 of them splitted between the contestants with their vote count from public. The surprising thing was Kaushik name came in the bottom 4 list.

Bottom 4
Hariharasudan, Kaushik, Dhanyashree and Praveen

Top 4
Sai Sharan, Santosh, Srinivas and Malavika

This is one reason where I think Vijay TV should announce the number of votes for each contestant since the results are misleading. I strongly feel Kaushik could have been in top 4 and Dhanyashree would even had a chance for it. Kaushik has been with the public backing for long time and same is with Dhanya. Whatever may be, the show has already announced the finalists and its really unfortunate for others.

I feel if the Vijay TV has chosen the finalists atleast they should do a good job in annnouncements. If they are to be trusted by viewers they should make things more better.


  1. INJUSTICE TO SRINI in the Wildcard round and INJUSTICE to Sathya in the Finals and INJUSTICE to Kaushik......the 3 DESERVING people of this whole season.....IMHO, MY TOP 3......

  2. Wonder how Malavika made it to Top-4??? No offense to Malavika. She has to stop behaving like she is the next MSS. She is not strong in Carnatic songs either. Very obvious from the way she killed Nithyasree's song in the wildcard. NO WONDER, SRINI made it to top-4. IMO, HE GOT THE MOST VOTES but Vijay TV cunningly prevented him from going to the final BECAUSE HE IS A REAL THREAT to their favs, Sai/Santosh.

    Coming to Sai/Santosh: they might have got more votes than KAUSHIK because they have been repeatedly saying like a PARROT that they were here in the previous season and they were working hard for 2-3 years to get here and blah..blah..blah..COOL GUYS, may be you guys worked hard but DO NOT THINK that OTHERS came here for TIME-PASS or others did not work hard to get here. Sai, Every one else TOO had college/work despite participating in this.

    Not to mention Sai's PERFECT ACTING like calling everyone as his relative, getting blessings from all elders, saying that he sings for the public, and his MOM vouches that her son is the "MOST OBEDIENT" kid and as if he is the only kid who "works hard".... LOL

    We have seen SAI CALLING HIS MOM "A FOOL" for choosing a song in ASSJ-1 and said that because of her stupid song selection, he could not compete with Krishnamoorthy and he lost because of her. JUDGE SOWMYA gave him a GOOD DOSE when he first entered in ASS-3 preliminary stage - not to think of himself as a God of music and to fall flat on his feet in front of music and his guru!!!!

    And the deserving KAUSHIK was nowhere in the TOP-4......



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