Saturday, September 17, 2011

Divya or Gopinath for finals ?

There is a big question on who would become the airtel super singer 3 and the next big question with the show is who will be compering/hosting the show for the grand finals. I could see many people supporting for Gopinath to be on the show to host it. Ofcourse few of them want Divya to compere for the grand finals. Last season I remember it was DD, Sivakarthikeyan hosted for a while with Hemamalini/Yugendran?? Gopinath definitely has more advantages then Divya in hosting the show. If we go back few months Gopinath and Sivakarthikeyan hosted the Vijay TV awards and they were awesome doing it and it was a big change in television where hosts were usually a male and a female or atleast one female. Gopi/Siva combination proved to be worth hosting the show and made it very interesting even.

I think Vijay TV would be thinking in same lines of having Sivakarthikeyan and gopinath hosting the grand finals of the super singer show even. But, given the fact that Divya had been the main host/comperer of the show for more than a year and she deserves to be part of the biggest event of the season. But to what extent is the question and viewers will be watching the show LIVE. You could see Sivakarthikeyan and Gopinath are leading the votes in my other blog of Vijay TV, best tamil channel where viewers like them hosting the shows.  We should also remember that Gopinath and Divya together hosted the Music awards ceremony few months back and that might even happen for the Vijay TV super singer grand final.

Having these all said, I think Vijay TV will have Gopinath, Sivakarthikeyan and Divya together host the show and we might even see Divyadarshini aka DD coming into the stage at times. They would also follow giving away on the spot photo frames as a gift of remembrance of Super Singer 3 finals. I would want to write more about compering of each of these hosts and their pros/cons in details.. wait for that soon..


  1. Divya: ANOTHER GRAVE MISTAKE made by Vijay TV apart from the elimination of deserving contestants like Srinivasan / Kaushik. She has been there from the ASSJ-2 season - more than 2 years now. She still cannot speak clearly; always fumbles for words; makes a long pause between words as if she is in loss for words; saying things that need / should not be said by a host etc..........STILL, VIJAY TV IS STICKING TO HER as the host as if there is no one in the entire state or even country.....WHY?????

    Gopinath: Far better than Divya. Sometimes, goes a little bit overboard like his comments on Dhanyasri. Many times, treats the show like Neeya Naana.

    Sivakarthikeyan: WAYYYY better than Divya and better than Gopinath. His only minus is that he does not, sometimes, realize that this is not a comedy show. His Grand Finale hosting was quite pathetic.

    So, WHO is the BEST? A singer( or any person with good music knowledge) who can also host well. My choice would be the yesteryear Chinmayi.

  2. Oh....yeah.....forgot about Divyadarshini aka DD: Talks too much. But way better than Divya ofcourse. Sometimes, vazhinjifying and too much kozhanjifying.....


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