Saturday, September 24, 2011

Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finals - Review, Part 1

Vijay TV is at the best when it comes to relaying the LIVE stage shows and they have been doing that for a while now and I expect them to do that frequently. This time with the Airtel Super Singer 3 grand finals was the LIVE show in the channel from Chennai Trade Centre. Contestants Sathyaprakash, Pooja, Sai Sharan and Santosh were ready for their rocking performances in front of huge public and millions of viewers watching the show live in TV. Show was hosted by Sivakarthikeyan and Divya and I really thing they should have been with Gopinath or someone else. I will have a separate post on the way program was hosted and review about it later today.. Long story short.. Sai Sharan won the Airtel Super Singer title and 40 lakhs worth apartment from Temple Green properties in Oragadam. Second place went to Santosh, followed by Sathyaprakash at 3rd and Pooja at 4th. Yeah, what you are reading is the announcement of winners based on the public voting.

Sivakarthikeyan had the initial compering with speaking with contestants who were presumably showing that they are busy in make up. Later Divya joined him to host the show and the stage was similar to Airtel Super singer 3 sets itself. First it was the last season winners to perform on stage with Nikhil Mathew starting to sing followed by Krishnamoorthy, the winner of first season of junior super singer. Then it was Ajeesh and followed him by Alka. Siva and Divya had some questions to these 4 winners about their life after winning the Airtel Super Singer title. This was followed by a pleasant Accubla act ??, that means singing without any instrument and music is produced by humming and chorus singing. This was joined by lot of super singer contestants of this year and yesteryears. Srinivas, Shakthi, Madhumitha R, Malavika, Krishna, Shravan, Dhanyashree, Madhumitha S, Mathangi, Balasarangan, Vishnu, Roshan sang the super singer theme music song.

Next was the judges family performane where Swetha Mohan (Sujatha's daughter), Sharanya Srinivas (Srinivas daughter) and Uthra Unnikrishnan (Unnikrishnan's daughter) were on stage.This is the first time we are seeing Sharanya and Uthra onscreen and Uthra, Unnikrishnan's daughter was like 4 years old ? They gave a good performance which was joined by the judges themselves.

The show had lot of musicians and celebrities joining the grand finale. The list include chief guests Dhanush, G.V. Prakash, Selvaraghavan appearing for promoting the Mayakkam enna film. Alongside we had Mano, T.L. Maharajan, MSV Sir, SP Shailaja, Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy, Anitha Kuppuswamy, Nithyashree Mahadevan, Malgudi Subha, Mahathi, Chinnaponnu, Manikka Vinayagam, Unnimenon, Selva Ganesh, actor Jai, Chinni Jeyanth. We also had the Vijay TV celebrities even with Gopinath with his wife, Ajeesh, Anitha, Nikhil Mathew, K5 team of Haripriya, Appu, Saipromodita, Kathadi and also Jodi Season 5 contestants.

First round of the grand final was Competitive songs round which had Santosh singing "Aramale" from VTV which was a decent performance. Since this was sung very well by Srinivas in the wild card round we tend to compare against that performance. I would say it was less par than Srinivas' performance. Pooja sang "Mannavan Vanthaanadi" which is a challenging genre for Pooja and it was a good performance from her. Sai Sharan's "Paatum Naane Bhaavam" had lot of response from audience and neat singing from him. Sathyaprakash came with a bang and rocking performance with "oru naal pothuma". Being a classically trained singer he was very very neat on the notes. Soon after this performance Dhanush and G.V. Prakash were performing one of their song from Mayakkam enna movie and the actual song itself is sung by themselves.

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  1. Srinivasan gave "A tough competition in the Wildcard round"????

    SRINI, literally, SURPASSED EVERYONE in the Wildcard round with FINESSE......His Aaromale, Vidukathaiya, Aariro, Pookkal pookkum were BEYOND EXCELLENCE. He along with KAUSHIK deserved to be the finalists.

    Didn't ANYONE HEAR what Alphonse Joseph said or what Harini said in the wildcard round?


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