Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confusion or Unorganized ?

Although Vijay TV will be relaxed after completing the Super Singer 3 grand finals, there were several confusions in the show. It was disappointing to see Vijay TV getting not so organized in the show and the hosts themselves were confused in the show. Since this being the live show it was obvious to us that they were driven by instructions from the program managers and their plan was changing during the course of grand final. It was too much of content that they were not able to show everything in TV in the midst of advertisers and sponsorers. Finally after calling Danush and G.V. Prakash in the stage I really dont know why actor Jai was not called until two spots were announced. Did they forget to call him on stage in the first place ? Also, they did not call upon Selvaraghavan to the stage. I thought that there were 4 actors/directors who will give prizes for the four contestants. But that did not happen and they ended up announcing the winners/spots from the host Sivakarthikeyan.

Then with the announcement of the prize for Sathyaprakash, Divya said its for 2nd place and called upon Tata motors guest to give the prize and then Sivakarthikeyan said its for 2nd runner up with Vijay TV's 3 lakh prize. After this drama, finally Santhosh was given a so called fantastic special prize of car and none of them said its for 2nd place except for Santosh himself. Then Divya announced the winners in the order of their spots. We have not seen this kind of unorganized annoucements by Vijay TV in any of their shows. Infact they were given opportunity to host non-Vijay TV programs for their creativity, innovation and organized way to delivering stuffs to people. Their cameraman went on to capture the moments when people were busy during the performance which is not so great. When Santosh was announced as winner of car, Sujatha was focussed on stage and it was clear she was asking Unnikrishnan or Srinivas "what is this" which brings out that they were not aware or it is not as per the plan.

Super singer program managers had brought a very good orchestra where they could have been very good in playing those instruments. But, I felt that orchestra should complement the contestant singing and it went on as showcasing their talent and the instrument's capability. The music did not really suit the contestant's songs and many times it looked like a remix song. There were several instances when orchestra's music was very different from the original. Although they had good musicians the regular orchestra in the sets were better to listen in Super Singer.

Finally the show telecast in TV was going on after the winner announcements even. Nithyashree Mahadevan was singing mentioning as LIVE after the winner announcement and prize distribution. I understand that they had to have the sponsorers and advertisers time in the middle of show but that could have been while an average performance was going on the stage and not while Nithyashree singing. There are several more small confusion which we can ignore for given the fact its a live show but I will post if I remind of a bigger blunder.


  1. Satyaprakash should be the actual super singer.
    When sombody's mother crys foul at the sponsors and judges how the star vijay can yield to such presures. it is really pathetic show. my order of selection is 1st sathya 2nd santosh 3rd pooja and out goes sai.

  2. YES, agree, Sathya should have been the winner

  3. sathya is the real winner .santhosh how he comes in the prizelist? very bad show .sai and his mother played a drama very clearly it is really a black mark to vijay tv


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