Saturday, September 24, 2011

2nd place and 2nd runner up ???

I am not sure whether the 2nd runner up and 2nd place mean the same.. just after watching the so called grand finals of the Super Singer 3. I think I was pretty clear on the meaning of those terms until day before yesterday. After the winner of the super singer was announced to Sai Sharan, after a while amidst lot of drama, show hosts Sivakarthikeyan and Divya got back in action to announce the next position. First it was Divya to announce that the 2nd place goes to and she invited Tata motors regional manager Mr. Shanmugasundaram to give away the prize to Satya. Later it was told by Siva that as G.V. Prakash said 2nd runner up is Satya and he will get Vijay TV sponsored prize money of 3 lacs from Vijay TV Shriram.

The doubt I have is who did the mistake or change here.. was it mis-announced by Divya at first place as 2nd place instead of 2nd runner up ?? and more even she called upon Tata motors regional manger for it. Then Siva updates us differently, this is not a nice way to announce the winners of the competition which goes for more than a year. Also, if you listen carefully Divya's announcement also has lot of pause but she is not focussed by camera.. so not sure what happened there exactly. But, the pause and the changes looks to be a change from Vijay TV themselves ? It was an emotional moment for Satya's father and for Satya himself who looked very disappointed. It will be good if Vijay TV tells us what happened so that they get back the public backing for them.


  1. Satyaprakash should be the actual super singer.
    When sombody's mother crys foul at the sponsors and judges how the star vijay can yield to such presures. it is really pathetic show. my order of selection is 1st sathya 2nd santosh 3rd pooja and out goes sai.

  2. :-) 2nd runner up is not 2nd place... second place is 1st runner up... followed by 2nd runner up Satya and third runner up Pooja... It is possible that divya got confused like always...

  3. Sai is certainly a talented youth but not to beat Satya who has better voice quality and talent. Not certainly on that Finale! Satya was brilliant and his best ever! I see a fowl play here. Somebody should sue the guys to make them transparent. See my blog for more observations.

  4. It was Divya's mistake. I am pretty sure about it. She is incompetent as an anchor and let's make no bones about it. It's time A-SS realized that and replaced her with someone better suited for the role.

  5. Every voting competition, they might announce the name and number of votes for each and competitors, which will be honor the audience who voted for them. Vijay TV failed to do this. Always Divya reveal the wrong judgement before judges reveals, in previous rounds.


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