Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why only 3 votes online ?

There are several questions on Airtel Super Singer show voting for the wild card and grand finals. The main question from the viewers is why only 3 votes are allowed from the internet but with mobile phones you can vote unlimited. Why is there a limiation for internet alone.. Good question but lets see what happens with both kinds of voting mechanism.

Internet based voting
With the internet based voting, we can logon to vijay.indya website and case our votes and we are allowed to vote 3 times. To vote more than thrice, create a new username with the website and agian vote for 3 more times. You can do this unlimited time, creating a new user id and vote from it. It will take few more minutes to vote then for more number of times. There are no charges for this except for the internet connection cost ;)

Mobile based voting
We can send unlimited votes from our mobile phones and each SMS/call are charged at a premium price between 4-6 Rs with different service providers. So, Vijay TV earns money from the service provider and service provider also gets a good share of income is what I guess.

If the internet voting is kept unlimited then there would be many more issues in the voting. The results can be speculated easily and with the automation scripts the voting can be automated to vote for any particular contestants every second even. So, having unlimited voting in internet will not really yield geniune result. But dont ask me if otherwise the results are genuine, I cannot answer that. Since the voting from mobile is expensive not many people would vote many number of times and that vote also brings some income for the channel. We can be angry why we are not able to vote it could be of 3 reasons - Super Singer team doesnt want to speculate the votes by doing that or Super Singer team wants to earn money from voting or finally the last option being Super Singer team already decided the winner and this voting is just a formality.

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