Friday, September 23, 2011

Sai Sharan - Winner of Airtel Super Singer 3

Sai Sharan has been announced as the winner of Airtel Super Singer 3 after the grand grand finals on 23rd September 2011. It was a very tough competition between the contestants Satyaprakash, Sai Sharan, Santhosh and Pooja.. Sai Sharan came onto the finals after the wild card entry from the public voting. This result of the winner is also based on public voting in internet, sms and phone. This result might be delightful for some viewers and shocking for some of them where they expected other contestants will bag the title. Sai Sharan will be getting the 40 lakhs apartment from Temple Green properties in Oragadam and also the surprise that came out today that the winner will also get a chance to become a playback singer with A.R. Murugadoss' next production movie. This news was one of the surprise element in the show and this will be a dream come true for Sai Sharan. There were several other prizes announced for many other contestants and I will soon post them with my review of the day.


  1. Hi Sai Charan,
    Keep up the Spirit Sai. I watched the live relay from Singapore until morning 4.30AM on saturday Sai. You didn't disappoint us.

  2. Sathya Prakash is the true winner!!!! Santosh in 2nd place???? That's ridiculous...even he didn't believe the results...that shows how biased the results are. Sathya is the one who got standing ovation from all the judges and even GV.Prakash said his favorite singer was Sathya. Super singer sucks really big time.I am not against Sai charan, he'll make a better politician than a singer. A.R. Murugadoss will regret bigtime for his announcement.

  3. wow ! i never knew winning the title was so easy. watch me on airtel super singer 4, i will bring my mother father , chitappa, grandfather and my onnu vitta aunty and make them cry in front of the camera and I WILL BE THE TITLE WINNER YAY !!!

  4. Sai has proved that he could win the hearts of the public by his super performance. A.R.Murugadass's timely offer only shows that Sai can rise upto the occasion very well. Mere sob-stuff and melody will not create long term benefits in the music industry. They do need a versatile like Sai. Great going Sai.

  5. Very unsatisfactory & disappointing result from Airtel Super Singer 3. Price given to Santosh was unacceptable. He is talented but cant be accepted as 1st runner up. According to my concern the sequence should be 1.Sathya 2.Sai 3.Pooja 4.Santosh

    I thought Vijay TV as an effective channel since they incorporate Innovative ideas to bring good shows and SHOWS the super talented persons to the world.

    Likewise ASS is a nice program which is nicely done from bottom to pre-final. But at finals you incorporate this PUBLIC VOTING and supress the real winners. Its highly hard to digest.

    My observation is that you use Business logics of Airtel and trying to bring high income through this public voting.
    STILL....HUMBLE REQUEST AS A VIEWER........... ATLEAST PROVIDE 50% FIFTY PERCENT of judgement to the hand of music knowledged judges who can well do the job. Please consider this so that VIJAY TV and the HARDWORKING TALENTED GUYS gets their MUTUAL BENEFIT and Rewards.

    Dont you feel difficult to throw away the hardwork of talented guys made for more than a year in a single day....

    Even I am unable to digest this result. If so please think in stage of DEDICATED SINGERS........

    Please dont allow this crime to continue to future competitors......
    PLS ATLEAST PROVIDE 50% of judgement to music judges.....................

  6. i was shocked by ATSS results..everybody knows that sai and sathya is good..pooja also equally good..but just b4 finals..she was No.1 finalist..just by two songs she has been placed in 4th place.. last one year 3 judges who judged and sent her to final as No.1 finalist purely politics played a big role..Infact i am not happy with the SMS,On-line or phone call voting method..more than a event, i feel it is a business..last one year Vijay TV would have earned crores of rupees in advertisement..I agree that they have given platform for the new talents..but the recognition for the finalist are too worst..Pooja has done fairly good job..small calculation Wild card contestants 8 people, if one person gets 1 lakh vote then it will be 8 lakh votes. during the finals if one finalist got 2 lakh votes (more or less) again 8 lakhs. one SMS Rs.3. 16 * 3 = 48 lakhs. atleast they should have given half of this money to all the three finalist.(except the winner). I am not going to watch the Airtel super singer junior seems like a political game..vijay TV sucks.

  7. Vijay TV must show the SMS vote counts to the public.because it is public's money. I feel that Airtel and Vijay TV looted the public money in the name of Super singer. Finals should have been judged by Judges who knows the technical details of each songs. public voting for the Wild card entry is acceptable. I feel Vijay TV has disappointed the viewers..I am sure that Airtel super singers which are going to come in the future are going to be failure. Infact in the last season i was very impressed with Mr.Ravi. but it went to Ajeesh. but after that I have never seen Ravi in any public media. bcoz he understood very clearly that Vijay TV earns the money and gives peanuts to the talents..I think Sivakarthikeyan,Gopinath,Divya if they are true to themselves definitely they should make big agitation agains this bullshit Vijay TV. I read in Ananda vikatan long time back about Neeya Naana and vijay TV. popular writer Charu Nivedita blasted Vijay TV for not paying the money what they supposed to give.Vijay TV Sucks

  8. Major reviews are against the vijay tv result.Is vijay tv is giving importance to the public voting?If it is like that ,are they fools?
    People who are all watching the show long time knew that pooja is in her safer zone ,she didn't choose tough songs and some songs sung by her were not getting good reviews in public but she got in place.Leave it pooja .In this season the moment before wildcard and after there was huge difference in performance.Many thought that the ral fighters are here ,the sitting two are lucky.Getting public grace is the main thing in the industry/talent.Vijay tv and judges ,what they have done in the moment is we dont know?

  9. Satyaprakash should be the actual super singer.
    When sombody's mother crys foul at the sponsors and judges how the star vijay can yield to such presures. it is really pathetic show. my order of selection is 1st sathya 2nd santosh 3rd pooja and out goes sai.

  10. Satyaprakash should be the real winner...I really cried after hearing the results. Saicharan is a good singer, but not even close to Satya. Santhosh is second ? Unbelievable.... The underlying system to identify the winner is extremely poor..I feel so sad. But I am sure Satya will reach heights in the music industry. All the very best Satya.

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  12. Disappointed with the results. My fav. is Sathya in this season and Sai is also equally good. Good luck to all four.

  13. Whatever happened is happened....:):) But according to me all the four are SUPER SINGERS....:) Yippeeee..... CONGRATULATIONS GUYZZZZ...:):):)

  14. Wonder how Malavika made it to Top-4 of the WILDCARD ROUND??? No offense to Malavika. She has to stop behaving like she is the next MSS. She is not strong in Carnatic songs either. Very obvious from the way she killed Nithyasree's song in the wildcard.

    NO WONDER, SRINI made it to top-4. IMO, HE GOT THE MOST VOTES but Vijay TV cunningly prevented him from going to the final BECAUSE HE IS A REAL THREAT to their favs, Sai/Santosh.

    Coming to Sai/Santosh: they might have got more votes than KAUSHIK because they have been repeatedly saying like a PARROT that they were here in the previous season and they were working hard for 2-3 years to get here and blah..blah..blah..COOL GUYS, may be you guys worked hard but DO NOT THINK that OTHERS came here for TIME-PASS or others did not work hard to get here. Sai, Every one else TOO had college/work despite participating in this.

    Not to mention Sai's PERFECT ACTING like calling everyone as his relative, getting blessings from all elders, saying that he sings for the public, and his MOM vouches that her son is the "MOST OBEDIENT" kid and as if he is the only kid who "works hard".... LOL

    We have seen SAI CALLING HIS MOM "A FOOL" for choosing a song in ASSJ-1 and said that because of her stupid song selection, he could not compete with Krishnamoorthy and he lost because of her. JUDGE SOWMYA gave him a GOOD DOSE when he first entered in ASS-3 preliminary stage - not to think of himself as a God of music and to fall flat on his feet in front of music and his guru!!!!

    And NOBODY can beat Santosh in that he "encourages" and is "congenial" to all!!!!!! Why did not he CONSOLE Sathya/Pooja when they lost to Sai & him in the final??? THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN APPRECIATED better. Santosh & Sai, no one doubts that you worked harder to get here but your job of saying that every day FETCHED you guys more votes than anyone else. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT you are better than them. NO WAY, I SWEAR BY GOD.....

    And the deserving KAUSHIK was nowhere in the TOP-4......



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