Saturday, September 17, 2011

Surprising Season

This season of the Airtel Super Singer has had quite a few surprises for us and which has been the way its been in the previous seasons. We dont really realise that there has been surprises given the duration of the season and its already over 60+ weeks which means almost 1 and a quarter year. I would prefer the show to run for a year but this season has been going really lengthy. First big surprise has been that the show did not had a recall round at all.. Last season they had few recall rounds which brought top 20 contestants to get a chance to get into the competition again. I was expecting a recall round after the show had top 5 contestants but the show went on till wild card.

Top 2, after the semifinals was really surprising where usually Vijay TV will have top 3 and wild card winner will join the show for the grand finals. This time Sai Sharan was eliminated to have Pooja and Sathyaprakash for the finals. Next surprise was there were no celebration round till now and they might have it after the finals. But, with the super singer junior next season registration has already started, it might be a big pressure for the show directors to finish the season soon.

Last season there was photo session with the finalists and also the final contestants performed live at city center in front of public to have a good experience of singing in public. They went onto temple before the finals in the last season. I am not sure if these would be featuring in the next week's show but lets wait and see. Are these surprises since the show is already delayed and the season has been for more than a year ?? or is it next season of the super singer junior has got wonderful/unexpected response from public for the registration that the current season should get over soon ? or Contracts of the judges and hosts are over and got to finish it soon. What ever be the reason, its good it gets over now and junior season starts soon.

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